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Benefits of a CCIM Designation, Social Media in Business, Organ Donation Saves Lives

Episode 328: 08-06-15

On this week’s show we discuss the benefits of a CCIM designation for Elias G. Patsalos’ business, John Mahoney shares the benefits of using social media in business and Jim Fried says organ donation saves lives.

Benefits of a CCIM Designation

Our CCIM Voice today is Elias G. Patsalos, a new team member of the commercial real estate firm Casal Group in Miami. He is a member of the Miami District Board of Directors for the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investor Member) and specializes in industrial properties in the Greater Miami area, with concentration in the cities of Doral and Medley.

Patsalos has extensive experience in landlord and tenant representation.

We discuss the impact a CCIM designation has had on his business and his views on the Miami commercial real estate market.

Social Media in Business

John Mahoney (@socialmedia305) is THE social media maven, and he joins the show on a regular basis to help us ALL get social.

We discuss the benefits of social media in business, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Periscope.

Organ Donation Saves Lives

Fried On Business host Jim Fried, whose wife Vivian is battling end-stage kidney disease, talks about how organ donation saves lives and how we all can give the gift of life.

Episode 328: 08-06-15 (To download, right-click and select “Save Link As”.


Jim Fried: Alright, we are here, we have got a great show kickin off August. We’ve got our CCIM voice Elias. Oh, man, I’ve been practicing all day. Elias Patsalos, pretty close-alright, he’s going to teach me, we have 20 minutes to learn. John Mahoney, hey Johnny! Social Media 305, pedal that car faster, man! Johnny’s going to be on the second part of this show. We’re going to talk about LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Periscope and then we’re going to wind up our fourth quarter with Jim Angleton. He’s a CEO of Aegis FS. He does all kinds of business intelligence to diligence, corporate pre-paid access, debit cards, and we’re going to talk about the status of US cyber security and is there an eminent threat to our data. Heck, there always is. So stick with us, Dow went down in the anticipation probably of tonight’s Republican debate. And we’ll be back with more real-estate info, business info and just plain fun on Fried on Business, back after this, Dee take it away.

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Jim Fried: Alright, we are back. Dee keeps giving me the sign, we are back and we are better than ever. We’ve got more Fried on Business and it is now time for the CCIM voice, we’ve got Elias Patsalos. I’ve only known the guy for a year. He’s a new team member for the commercial real-estate firm Casal Group out in Miami. He’s a member of the Miami district board of governors for the CCIM net, the certified commercial investment member. He’s got that certification and he specializes in industrial properties in greater Miami area. He concentrates in the cities of Doral and Medley. He’s extensively experienced in landlord and tenant representation, sets them apart, and we’re going to talk about the impact the CCIM has had on his business and also some of his views on the Miami real-estate market. Welcome, Elias, sorry about the butchering. I keep doing on your name.

Elias Patsalos: Jim, no worries about that. I know my name can be confusing at times but I want to take a moment and thank you for inviting me to your show. I’m privileged and I’m looking forward to our conversation.

Jim Fried: Oh, man, you’re the greatest. Pay that guy as $5 right now. Now, Elias, tell me a little bit about what CCIM has done for you. You came to Miami about 10 years ago to start to go to school. Tell us a little bit.

Elias Patsalos: Correct. The CCIM starting as a younger broker, I can say that it’s a great certification to perceive for the reason you get to network with senior brokers and you get to learn their language of commercial real-estate which obviously definitely benefits to your service, your clients, you can learn from it, you see how it the deals are happening and all the good stuff that come with the certification of CCIM.

Jim Fried: You know, the most important thing you said to me is when you learn all the language and terminology because real-estate has it’s own language and terminology and unless you’re of thesaurus like I am, you really need some time to get used to it. Young gentlemen in their own office, great real estate family, all kinds of experience, English major didn’t know any of the terminology and real-estate came in. It took them a little while to get to learn that. What are some of the other things that you CCIM has helped you bring to the table, Elias?

Elias Patsalos: Some of the things that the CCIM helped me being again a junior broker is the different tools that they give you. For example, they have their investment spreadsheet that we have and it gets updated about once a quarter and from there you can run some lease comparative analysis, lease versus purchase and some other investment analysis with your clients. In addition, we have the CCIM connect where you can ask a question about the deal is going on and from there you access the community of CCIM all over the country. Also, we have the CCIM deal share where I can send my haves and wants and find off the market deals about my clients through the whole CCIM community.

Jim Fried: That’s great. Elias, you use it to find deals, you use it to also to get advice because one of the things that I always found is very important to be able to add is your intellectual capital. And so it sounds to me like your CCIM experience has helped you build intellectual capital that you can bring to the table to service your clients.

Elias Patsalos: Absolutely, Jim. As a matter of fact, I want to add something else on that. I happened that I had a client that needed the industrial space, for example in Mexico, Torreon or in Columbia, Barranquilla and we also have the website that is called and from there you can select the CCIM that is a local expert throughout the word pretty much.

Jim Fried: A lot of people join these big companies to be part of the network. But it sounds to me like you found a way to be entrepreneur and still be part of the network and bring the entrepreneurial values and the real-estate network to the table for your clients.

Elias Patsalos: Absolutely. I’m very excited to part of this city and community. I got my certification a couple of years ago and last year I was fortunate to be voted on the board as one of the young members.

Jim Fried: That’s great because I know that the CCIM has reached out to young people through a lot of their programs including their college programs that they have here in town with FIU.

Elias Patsalos: Absolutely. As a matter of fact, I listened to your last show with Frank Rodriguez and Steve Moreira and they briefly spoke about the university alliance with FIU and I’m also excited to be part and just bring some more knowledge about the CCIM community to the FIU students.

Jim Fried: Mentorship is a big part of it and you talked about how some of the senior CCIMs are mentoring you they brought you on the board as a young rep which I guess means that they’re investing a lot of time and energy into helping you become a mentor for other young people.

Elias Patsalos: Absolutely. I would like to help any young brokers out there and I’m also committed to be part of that movement and help out and mentor any young brokers coming into the CCIM family.

Jim Fried: You’re such a terrific guy. I wish that we have more time to talk about the CCIM but they also want to give you a chance to show your knowledge base about the Doral and Medley markets. They seem to me to be interrelated much the same way that the design district Wynwood and Little River are interrelated. As prices go up, people move to a lower class provider or as spaces absorbed and become scarcer, they look for new market. Is that what’s going on in Doral and Medley?

Elias Patsalos: Yes, Jim, absolutely. Talking to clients and my tenants as the time goes by, we’re pushing the rates closer to the high nines and obviously some of the companies cannot pay –

Jim Fried: The nine handle, I can remember when they didn’t think they could break the four handle.

Elias Patsalos: Actually, a year ago we were at Dallas, in Airport West and some of the New York parks like transfer park, actually they’re pushing the rates up to the low tens.

Jim Fried: Wow. What’s doing it? What’s going on with retail and industrialists? Is that thriving a little bit?

Elias Patsalos: Absolutely. For example, if you see the Amazon deal that happened, 300,000 square foot, they are put west of the Turnpike as their e-commerce is growing, all these big box retailers are looking for industrial space so they can get more cubic feet out of their storage.

Jim Fried: Well, that’s interesting, cubic feet versus square feet. You mentioned cubic feet. How do they do it? Do they do it by volume or do they do it by square feet of the ground? What do they look for?

Elias Patsalos: They pretty much look to utilize the hight so if you’re, for example, on a 10,000 square foot industrial space right now with 20 foot clear, you can use the same amount of cubit feet if you stack your pile so they were 30 feet and actually use a smaller, 6 or 7,000 square foot space.

Jim Fried: That’s really technical, but let me break it down. So what you’re telling me is that the square footage, if it’s got a higher thing at a higher ceiling, you’re going to be able to get more rate which maybe that’s why you can get 9 instead of 6.

Elias Patsalos: Absolutely. You’re actually saving. You’re paying a little bit more on the rate but you have less square feet so at the end of the day it causes savings for those companies.

Jim Fried: Well it must be more efficient.

Elias Patsalos: Absolutely.

Jim Fried: What other trends do you see out in Doral and Medley that people can take advantage of?

Elias Patsalos: At the moment, Doral is pretty scarce when it comes to industrial space. We are about 5% vacancy in the whole Miami Dade. There are some speculations that Doral is actually close to 3,5% and Medley close to 4% and as time goes by, we’re running out of space and construction is hard for them to catch up with the demand. I believe even moving next year, there’s going to be a lead of an extra push of the rates higher.

Jim Fried: And with gas prices a little bit lower, are people looking to Broward as an alternative?

Elias Patsalos: There are some speculations as we’re running, the developers are running out of space in Doral. Maybe later on they will be able to discuss with the CDN to open they UDB west of the Turnpike or north of Medley. There are still some coastal build going on there in Medley and west of the Turnpike. Possibly, you could say they can even move to Broward.

Jim Fried: Okay. We’ve only got a couple of more minutes left, one more minute left. Why don’t you tell us how people can find you at Casal, phone numbers, websites, give a high-five and shoutout to the folks there all the good stuff you really want to do.

Elias Patsalos: Yes. You can go to the website and just use, you can call me at 305-804-9154.

Jim Fried: Hold on. Go a little slower. Say it again.

Elias Patsalos: I’m going to repeat that. You can call me at 305-804-9154 or you can go to a website and from there you can find some more information about us and what we do in the Airport West market.

Jim Fried: Elias, I really want to thank you for coming out here, being the CCIM voice, humbling me on my inability to pronounce your name for 62 different times. I’m going to try again, Elias Patsalos.

Elias Patsalos: Yes, sir.

Jim Fried: Oh, my God, I got it right. Thank you! Now you can go. I finally got your name. Elias, thank you so much for putting up with my trite humor today. I want to thank you so much for bringing great information and we have never talked on the show about volume and cubic hight so I want to thank you for bringing that concept to our listeners today.

Elias Patsalos: Thank you, Jim. Again, it’s been a pleasure to be here. You’re doing an excellent job, keep doing what you’re doing.

Jim Fried: Oh my gosh. I’m blushing which means we got to go to break. We’ll be back with Johnny’s social media 305 if he ever gets here. Johnny, pedal faster! Back after this, with Social Media 305.

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Jim Fried: I’m just waiting for them to say I’m unbelievable one more time but..thank you too I am unbelievable. You know who else is unbelievable? Larry Zinn, my buddy 40 under 40 at Warren Henry automotive. When you look to buy or lease a car, you want to get every advantage that you can. That’s why you have to check out Warren Henry Land Rover, Range Rover, Infiniti and Jaguar. They’re all exceptional cars, they all come with the Warren Henry advantage. That means, complementary dent repair, key replacement, first service, and a personal assistant that you can call for anything any time for 4 whole years. Always the best price, always the best service, always Warren Henry.

Jim Fried: We are back. I want to thank Elias for hanging out with us. He’s going to sit here and critique me the thumbs up or the thumbs down while I’m talking to THE John Mahoney AKA Social Media 305, Johnny are you out there?

John Mahoney: Yes, sir, right here.

Jim Fried: Alright. Let’s peek the Periscope up. I guess we’ll going to have to invite you over to do that another day, Johnny.

John Mahoney: I was en route, my man, I apologize. I’m dealing with Miami traffic and my life is pretty mobile.

Jim Fried: Listen, I love you. That’s why I told you I need you at my house. We can come over to the show together. But we’ll do that next time. Instead, let’s clue the world in about the ins and outs of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Periscope.

John Mahoney: What would you like to know, my friend?

Jim Fried: Well, what I’d really like to know is why people started following me. It’s all this week. It’s like I go on my staycation, it’s 5, 10 people a day are starting to follow me and I’m not doing anything different. What’s going on?

John Mahoney: You know what it is? You are targeting the right conversation. And this is what I know and this is what I’ve seen over the last couple of months. The Twitter, Periscope whole situation is amazing. We love it. There is a video. People are still watching Hashtag. And that’s the key. Like if you take me into tweet today, I think that tweet got four favorites and three tweets immediately. Those people are targeting the content marketing. That’s what they’re looking to read, that’s what they’re looking for, that’s what they want to learn about and that’s why they’re following you.

Jim Fried: We talked about this many times before on this show but I want to talk about it very specifically because I’m noticing a very nuanced but important change in the way I talk on Twitter and the people and interactions I’m getting. I’m not going to be doing CC@you name it anymore because they don’t answer.

John Mahoney: I want you to remember one thing, Jim. And I know the audience is listening. The CC@ is our special little thing. That is our technique. It doesn’t belong to the globalization of the world.

Jim Fried: I didn’t mean to sell out on that, Johnny and that is our nuanced little signature, sort of –

John Mahoney: We own that, my friend.

Jim Fried: Yeah, we do. We’ve got 75,000 tweets on that so I think the people are going to see where it started. But my real point is sing@so and so tweeting @CNN or @NFL. Because then, if they don’t answer me, it goes into nowhere. But if i hashtag–

John Mahoney: Hold on, Jim. It’s not interrupting. Let me tell you’re a genius in what you’re saying because let’s look at it this way: if we tag @NFL especially about we’re about to start a season. August 11th, we start pre-season—

Jim Fried: Johnny, you’ve been reading the newspaper. Wait a minute, Johnny, you read the newspaper. Now what’s going on?

John Mahoney: I might check upon a few things on Internet, but let me tell you something, is the NFL–do they actually care if we’re tagging them in our tweets?

Jim Fried: No.

John Mahoney: Why not hashtag them?

Jim Fried: No, but if I hashtag them, everybody looking for NFL information is going to see and that’s where I’ve gone across the pale, John. I’m not going to spam, I’m not going to use more than 3 or 4 hashtags, but I’m done tweeting @ anybody that doesn’t answer. If I hit them twice, they don’t answer, we’re done.

John Mahoney: This is what I said. Forget tagging the actual organizations. Instead of doing @NFL, hashtag HFL but also hashtag #football, #pre-season, #kick-off. The #kick-off is what going to get you the followers, not the @NFL. Why do I need to @ a certain organization? Let’s take Fox News. If I @FoxNews or I @MSNBC tonight regarding the political debate, who cares? However, if I start to hashtag #newhampshire, if I start hashtagging #debate, if I start hashtagging #presidential, now all of the sudden, I’m getting to real people. Let’s be honest, between you, I and everyone else listening to this conversation, who the hell (excuse my language) is actually looking for Fox News?

Jim Fried: I want you to know that those guys are turkeys. I tried for 45 minutes to get the pre-game show on here while we were waiting in the 5 o’clock hour and we couldn’t do it. Elias is here, that’s why we’re here. Give me testimony, Elias. But anyway, Johnny, after 15,000 tweets on the 2 different platforms, I think I’m finally getting it.

John Mahoney: Yes. James, you are selecting the better words, showing it, your team is super hot..listen you send 1,000 tweets today, Fried on Business, Engine Fried it is then retweeted and favorited like what: 9, 10, 11 times?

Jim Fried: Yeah, but you got to tell people what that means because people say:”Eww, 9, 10, 11”. That’s astronomically terrific.

John Mahoney: If they got 9, 10 or 11 phone calls in 20 minutes, you know what? They’d be mad about it. Why doesn’t everyone just leave me alone? But the reality is on social media. that’s game.

Jim Fried: Wait a minute now. I’m going to go back to one of the original postulates, and that’s the ”Twitter is my telephone”. If I could get up on my telephone and dial up everybody that was interested in the NFL right now, would I do it well? Or how about, real-estate, would I do it? Elias is now nodding yes. Thank you Elias.

John Mahoney: Let me tell you something right now. You just made a joke earlier that I knew about pre-season kick-off and Ohio, correct?

Jim Fried: Yes.

John Mahoney: You know why I know about that?

Jim Fried: Twitter!

John Mahoney: Nor because I’m a super football fan but I know it’s a major event, it’s a major thing that’s about to happen and I, as a social media person need to know about that.

Jim Fried: Yes, you’re looking at the little squiggly arrows pointing upward in your name. What’s that all about and how do I maximize my reachability?

John Mahoney: It’s not even that I want to tweet about it but I know that is for the nations of the United States of America and just the world in general, this is something very important. I hate football, no, I as a social media guy need to know that. You know what? People on this day are going to be looking to talk about this topic. So I don’t want to ”Hey, by the way, you’re talking about this topic and I’d rather turn the conversation over there”, it doesn’t work that way. You know why? As a brand, as a business, I want to join your conversation. Why go to barbecue and tell everybody that you’re vegetarian? You know what? Don’t go to a barbecue.

Jim Fried: John, I want to take the conversation a little bit more down the road now and I still want to keep it into my evolving understanding of the language of Twitter. But now I want to talk about another thing that we’ve discussed many times on this show, the difference between what you put out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and I got to tell you, Johnny, it used to be that each one I would talk about differently, but as the platforms have evolved, so is my communication skills. Actually, I would say they’ve devolved because now I just put it out there all worded the same way and people get it. They’re not offended anymore. They like it.

John Mahoney: I’m going to tell you as for your account specifically. We all know who Ms. Fried is, young Vivian, correct?

Jim Fried: Yes.

John Mahoney: The one thing that you’re doing differently this year compared to years before is you’re 100% including young Vivian in everything you’re doing on Facebook. And you know what? People love that because they know her too. Vivian loves it, you love it, like this week you took your quote-unquote staycation, correct?

Jim Fried: Yes, and I got to just say, Johnny, I love Vivian. I love her and that’s you could see and I guess that’s what you’re talking about.

Johny Mahoney: Absolutely. And in the afternoon you’re at Bell Harbor. You know what? This is real. You know why? When you’re at Bell Harbor I’m like: ”Man, I wish Jim was in South Beach but I’ve to go to meet him there.

Jim Fried: I know. Angleton always hits me why am I not going to his place. But listen, Johnny, I need you to come to Bal Harbor to be with me, but I’ll come to South Beach and hang out with you and be eclectic and all that. Listen, we’ve only got about a minute left in this segment. Can you stick around through half-time and continue on? We’ll talk a little bit Facebook on the other side?

John Mahoney: Of course. Absolutely.

Jim Fried: Alright. Go take your cute little dog out for a little walk, a little water. Back in 5 minutes talking more social media with the man John Mahoney AKA Social Media 305 but now it’s time for the turn, the it is all yours.

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Jim Fried: Oh yeah, I’m happy, Elias is happy, had to give the bro hug to Elias before he left. High five to you Elias, I love those CCIMs. They come and they are the greatest, each person has her own different personality. It’s what makes the CCIMs terrific. High five to Frank for bringing him out here, for Steve and the rest of the CCIM team. Hugs and kisses especially to Danny Zelonker for all the great things you guys do and another group that does great things is our friends at Warren Henry. When you look at to buy or lease a car, you want to get every advantage that you can. That’s why you have to check out Warren Henry, Land Rover, Range Rover, Infiniti and Jaguar, exceptional cars. They all come with the Warren Henry advantage. That means, complementary damp repair, key replacement, first service, and a personal assistant that you can call for anything any time for 4 years. So join me as a member of Warren Henry family. Always the best price, always the best service, always Warren Henry.

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Jim Fried: Alright. I feel good, I feel nice, I feel like sugar and spice. And how about you, Johnny? How are you doing today?

John Mahoney: James, I want to tell you I’ve been on hold listening to you show and it is absolutely awesome.

Jim Fried: Thank you.

John Mahoney: Great music, great sponsors and congratulations to EarlyShares. They are the Mac Daddy, and I love that you’re promoting and sponsoring them.

Jim Fried: Yeah. I was just on with Joanna Schwartz. She’s the founder and we’re going to get her around to show. She’s been on a couple of times, we’re going to get her back on again. We had Stilianos voicing that thing. I got to get better music behind that though. Larry, make a note, I want a sychronicity behind the–can we redo that? OK, Larry gives me high five.

John Mahoney: You’ve be on-point with the music since day one. We all know that.

Jim Fried: Thank you. I need that synchronicity behind that because I think it builds the kind of energy that I want. I suppose there’re other music they put which is kind of limp.

John Mahoney: Exactly. I’ll make it to the station but I’m 100% dancing in the office.

Jim Fried: I love you, bro. So let’s get back to this because I think I’m hitting on something. Perhaps it’s a Socratic learning experience that I’m having here. So let’s talk about Facebook. One of the things that I’ve always told people over there want to be sponsors on my show is that I create content that gets the eyeballs and ears to the radio show so the take and give the content they want to do. I’m beginning to believe that Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn which I still give different types of content to, now I give them though the same kind of messaging when I want to. So Facebook I have the things with Vivian, my staycation and stuff like that, LinkedIn is all of my blogging and my business, Twitter is the quick bursts of energy but when I have a message I want to give them all, I can do that because I have three different audiences all looking for the same thing.

John Mahoney: Listen. Let’s be honest. The reason you’re getting action on your Facebook regarding content as just as we found the radio show is you’re paying for it.

Jim Fried: Yeah. I need you to come over by the way.

John Mahoney: The reason you’re getting lots of action on your Facebook page is because you’re talking about Vivian.

Jim Fried: Yes, I know that.

John Mahoney: So Vivian’s friends, your friends, family friends, they all, yes, we love Vivian and we love Jim. You’re on a staycation and you have plants and trees beautiful shops and to be honest with you, you actually quote unquote in the morning. If people aren’t watching, they’re still following you but you do a traffic report. ”Hey, there’s a lot of traffic on the 195 today”. You do that.

Jim Fried: I know, and the Harold and NBC6 re-tweet it, it’s hilarious. I think it’s hilarious and I got to tell you it’s a part of the thing that gets me tense in the morning is (I’ll now coin a new term) I have pre-traumatic stress syndrome. I’m looking out there and I’ll tell you this right now is that whole week, it was kind of quiet going east of Miami beach, everybody’s back, Johnny. Today it started. You could tell that the energy level is a little bit different out there on 195. Tomorrow it’ll we kind of quiet hiding day, next week, one more week and then it’s going to go nuts.

John Mahoney: Let’s put it this way, NBC, CBS, ABC and WPLG are now getting great content from you and they’re not getting it because you’re on the radio on Thursday, they’re getting it because you’re in a prime location Monday to Friday.

Jim Fried: And on the weekend. Yes, I do live in the hashtag sky palace. You know, the Related Group is building 3 or 4 buildings next to me, they’re getting +$1000 for my little-I hope the people in my apartment building aren’t listening–but the Related Group, watching what’s going on there. That’s another thing by the way, Johnny, is people that watch my feed can see what’s going on next door to me which Related Group is building a community for 5,000 people. It’s amazing to watch.

John Mahoney: Yeah. And one thing about the Related Group and let’s get down for a sec. We have real listeners listening to what we’re doing so we’re not here to sugarcoat anything. The Related Group has created a social media team a long time ago. I know the people, you know the people but we’re not going to discuss them tonight. However, the Related Group has that social team and those buildings that are owned and created and developed by Related Group are now social. They’re talking about Brickell, they’re talking about Coconut Grove, they’re talking about Edgewater. And you know what? Even though they’re ”Hey, you know what? Listen, this is a great pool and this is a great day and it’s National Mojito Day or it’s National Sugar Day, who cares?”; but at the end of the day we’re getting full content from them and they’re not trying to sell us apartments. What they’re doing is just being part of our conversation.

Jim Fried: Yes, they’re being part of the community. They’re being part of the conversation. We go back and forth and you told me this a long time ago. People watch and they want to join in or maybe they just want to know what we’re talking about and I’m getting a lot of realtors following me now perhaps because I have all the relationships with all the big developers, I get them on the show, I know what they’re thinking about.

John Mahoney: You already have that. You’ve had that for 20 years. But the thing about this, those are relationships that you and your company have always kept quiet because these are business fields and these business fields might lead to a 10, 5, 20, 50 million dollar deal in the future for a piece of vacant land on the Campbell Award.

Jim Fried: Johnny, I just did that, you just haven’t watched it. I just did the big vacant piece of land on Campbell Award a couple of months ago.

John Mahoney: You’ve been doing it since the day met you, my man.

Jim Fried: But yeah, we do do that and a lot of the things we do we can’t really talk about. I’m going to actually try to put together a little flyer at the end of the month, the talks about what I’ve done in the past few years. I guess it’s all going to be in 8. plant.

John Mahoney: To be honest, James, it’s actually a great point that you just made. And if you bring in Sandy Abe it might be the perfect time for you to now start launching newsletters.

Jim Fried: You know what? Yeah, because I don’t really send a lot of content marketing to my followers except through the show. So you know what? You’re right. I’m going to do that. You’re so smart, Johnny. Look at you, I’m ready to get down on everything. Keep going Johnny, keep making me money well and out of my radio show.

John Mahoney: I’d rather keep going and have to do it and actually do it.

Jim Fried: You’re the greatest, Johnny. Flyer to my list by Sandy. And I’m not taunting anything-

John Mahoney: I’d really want to help out, why don’t we want the Fried on Business newsletter this month? And if anyone wants too, that’s listening to this show right now as we sign up for newsletter, where do we sign up, James? And for the Jets fans, please say it twice.

Jim Fried: You can sign up for the thing ”say it twice”. I’m going to get you and Sandy on, I’ll ask her to listen to this so that you can know what we’re thinking. We’ve only got a couple more minutes but here’s something else. You know I do this song at the turn of the hour right before we go to the traffic and then to the UHealth segment. I’m wondering if I should start running a contest about letting somebody pick what music comes on at least one of the segments. Maybe they come on, they vote early and often and tries people on my website. What do you think about that?

John Mahoney: What I think you should do and this is where I see everything happening. Everyone always say ”tweet us, tweet us, tweet us” in regards to the song. What we need to do, and I say we because I’d 100% love to help you create an awesome hashtag create that and in the inside the hashtag everyone can put into their music. They can do if on Facebook, they can do if on Pintrest, they can do if on Twitter, they can do it through Instagram.

Jim Fried: Yes. We’re going to do that and I also want to have you come over and help me with my Facebook and Twitter ads. Maybe you can come over one night next week and we can do that. We got to wrap up, I’m getting the spinning finger. Johnny, how do people find you, it’s really easy because you’re good at it.

John Mahoney: @socialmedia305.

Jim Fried: I love you Johnny, you’re the greatest, thanks for keeping me social. We’ll be right back after this. We’re going to talk about cyber crime. Is you identity safe? Jim Angleton will tell us. Back after this.

[commercial break]

Jim Fried: We’re back. We do not have Jim Angleton. Jim is out protecting somebody’s assets. So we’re going to do our best to give a great segment anyway and what we’re going to do today is talk a little bit about cyber security and Bitcoin and all that other stuff anyway. Because, to me cyber security is really important. I’ve had my identity stolen twice and I’ve also had the IRS tax fraud thing done to me. It’s been pretty bad each single time and so I’m starting to create newer, more secure codes and I’m also rotating what sites I visit and not visiting all that many that I thing might be fishy, so to speak. And the other thing that I do is I watch out to make sure that I don’t broadcast my personal information too much. We had Dave Himmel from PriceWaterhouseCoopers on and he talks about making sure you keep your personal data like a birthday offline. Everybody likes your birthday, so what do you think these people are using to steal your identity? That’s something that you need to make sure that you do is you protect your identity that Johnny in the prior segment was talking about Facebook and how on the Facebook page I’ve been interacting about my wife.

Well let’s talk about that for a minute, my wife Vivian, I love her. Hopefully she’s listening. But there’s something important we go to UHealth about and that’s because my wife has end-stage kidney disease. I’m going to talk about it right now because it’s important. You need to consider giving the gift of life either you or somebody you know. Somebody out there needs a transplant. There’s now incredible things that the people at UHealth and other places can do. They can now make these transplants happen and when they do, the light goes on, the person’s life changes immediately. I’m going to tell you a little bit about what goes on if they don’t have the transplant and the kidney.

We’ll talk about the kidney. They put this enormous needle in the person’s arm. It’s so tough, my wife is a tiger. She gets up early in the morning or in the middle of the day if she has to go and she gets them and she does what they call she calls cleanse her blood. And she’s a tiger. And everybody else that’s at that dialysis center, they get a ride home, my wife drives. That’s right, she’s that tough. She puts up with me for crying out loud, she’s tough as nails.

So what does she do for me? Well the beach that Johnny was talking about, well that’s the beach behind my wife aunt’s condo. And my wife lets me go there. She gives me this beautiful beach to go to in Bal Harbour, it’s beautiful white sand, it’s crystal clear, it’s clean. It’s up on my Facebook page, you take a look, it’s just delightful. So what does my wife give me? She gives me that. But more that anything, she gives me strength. Because I want to tell you something, everybody. As you get up and you watch your loved one have to go to dialysis and get their blood cleaned go get that big needle stuck in their arm and watch them wither away and crumple into pain and hopefully God willing sleep, it’s not easy. It’s not easy watching somebody like that.

So get up and consider giving the gift of life. Kidney, eyes, I don’t know what else you can donate, your liver, whatever it is, go and get tested. It’s really important to people out there, they’re loving, kind people that need that kidney or need what you can give. And if you a donor giving the gift of life, God bless you.

And if you’re somebody living with somebody that needs a transplant, I’m going to say it for you: well done. Congratulations! You’re doing a heck of a job. Keep it up! Stay strong! It’s okay to cry. These are things that you need to know because being in the support position for somebody isn’t all roses, it’s tough. It’s not easy. Maybe your persons are like my wife. My wife has only cried twice in the 18 months that I’ve seen at least. Maybe your persons are not that strong. Maybe they cry. Go out and hug them, give them a kiss. Tell them it’s okay. Tell them that you’re there for them, that you give them their unconditional love. Because that’s what that person needs. The person needs your support, needs your love. They know that they’re a little bit off but you can’t tell them and they can’t say it because they can’t allow their mind even one critical thought about what’s going on.

They have to stay positive. They have to stay focused. They have to stay marching forward so you got to help. You got to be strong. You got to do what they need done, that they won’t ask for. Maybe it’s simple as having the air condition turned down and have their bed ready so that when they come back from their treatment, they can have a place to lay.

Sometimes I take a photo of the temperature and the beautiful bed and I send it to my wife when she’s on radio silence. She texts me all the time when she’s during her treatments. When she’s on radio silence I know she needs me. And that’s when I send her the pictures of the ice cold bed, of joke I send her these fancy, funny stickers that I found on Facebook. I’m not the expert on Facebook messaging, and Twitter, and LinkedIn, Jibjab, I don’t know who to do all those things.

But I’m telling you, when the person needs you and they go into their own little private place, that’s when the real you has to come out and you have to help them. You have to go out, you have to reach out and say: ”Unconditional love, whatever you need, we’re doing whatever it takes to make you feel good now”. But, Mr ”Donor”, you’re the true hero out there, you’re the person that’s willing to give the gift of life.

If I’m reaching one person, convincing one person to get that donor card or call UHealth, gosh, start to call me. You can email me It ain’t rocket science. So email me if you’ve got a kidney, you know somebody that’s got a kidney. Well I guess we all have a kidney but somebody that’s going to be willing to donate or somebody that wants to give the gift of life to somebody else, email me I’ll help you get to the right people at UHealth or anywhere else, they’re doing it in a lot of different places in town.

UHealth is where my wife and I go, we believe in them. Boy, they give us nothing but love and maybe we’ve identified a donor, we’re not sure but I hope that my wife gets the kidney she needs. Look her up on Facebook, Vivian Fried. You’ll see all you need to see about the woman I love and what it really takes to makes it when you need a transplant. God bless you, honey and God bless you all the people out there that are donors.

I want to thank everybody. I want to thank South Florida business and wealth magazine, they’ve been terrific trough the show. They publish us every month. We have an article in South Florida business and wealth that highlights our guests. You can look for us inside South Florida business and wealth magazine. Kevin is doing a great job, the magazine grows, it’s terrific. KIND Snacks, I want to thank KIND Snacks for being a sponsor. When we have an event, KIND Snacks is there to help out and bring food to the event, their snacks. I want to thank the CCIMs, you heard Elias today. The kid is a star. He’s like all the CCIMs that I’ve met and had on this show. Each one of them comes and demonstrates exceptional knowledge and good solid community values. Support your CCIMs. They support our community. UHealth, I just did 20 minutes for UHealth. The transplant thing, UHealth actually, the transplant thing actually comes from Jackson but UHealth is the people that are getting us there. But high five to the Jackson transplant folks also. Warren Henry automotive, Larry keeps the show going. Xpresso Content Cafe. Hey Sandy, Johnny, Social Media 305. You’ve heard he’d given knowledge, tricks and stuff out today. We even gave you our secret signature and if you want to find out what that is and you missed it, shoot. Go to and listen to Johnny’s interview, it’ll be probably tonight, tomorrow, and you’ll find out what Johnny and I, we’ll have our little secret sauce going. I want to thank the Aztec Group, Social Media 305, The Miami Marlins. I want to give a special shout out to Loraine. High five to you Loraine. Keeping it real every day. Aztec Group, Lauren’s Kids, Publix, Bergstorm Center for Real Estate Studies at the University of Florida, UHealth. I’m going to stop it right here. The people that really need to be thanked are you, the listeners to this show. You take action, follow up, you email me, you text me, thank you all. So go to our Facebook page, like our show, tell your friends. I forgot, EarlyShares, welcome to the show. EarlyShares. I had the whole sheet with EarlyShares, NFL Alumni, Social Media 305, Lauren’s Kids, Magnum Energy Solutions, I think I got them. If you missed the show, it will be up on the webpage which is Jim Fried for friedonbusiness. Look for as at 880 AM next week at 6. Why? Because I love doing this. Remember, this is not rehearsal, this is your life. The person who wants to do something finds a way, the other finds an excuse. Now go out there and make it happen. Thank you, everybody! Donate a kidney. Thank you!



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