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Baseball and Cars, Cheering and Your Voice, Branding Your Business

Episode 361: 03-24-16

On this week’s show, Larry Zinn discusses his new Lamborghini store and his upcoming event, Dr. David Rosow shares the impact cheering loudly has on your voice, and Bruce Turkel discusses branding your business and how your brand evolves over time.

Baseball and Cars

Larry Zinn of Warren Henry Land Rover, Range Rover, Infiniti and Jaguar discusses the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and Infiniti Q50. We will also talk about his new Lamborghini store and the upcoming event he is having there that Jim plans on attending. Larry and Jim always go to the Miami Hurricanes’ opening day together, so they will share some thoughts on that as well.

Impact Cheering Has on Your Voice

Our special guest is Dr. David Rosow, a laryngologist with UHealth – the University of Miami Health System. Rosow was recently named one of the top 10 laryngologists by Billboard Magazine.

We discuss the impact on your voice of cheering loudly for the ‘Canes in the Sweet 16.

Branding Your Business

Bruce Turkel, CEO and ECD at Turkel Brands, uses a unique combination of creativity and business acumen to help companies build their businesses by making their brands more valuable.

Turkel is a serial entrepreneur who has created a number of successful companies. Currently, Turkel is focused on his brand management agency ( headquartered in Miami, Florida, and his Hispanic market advertising agency ( with 19 offices throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Turkel is also an accomplished speaker, author, musician and artist. We discuss how to build your personal brand and how your brand evolves over time.

Episode 361: 03-24-16

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