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Akhil Patel on the Real Estate Cycle; Bruce Turkel says ‘Be Yourself’

Episode 472: 06-28-18

Akhil Patel on the Real Estate Cycle

Akhil Patel is Founder of Ascendant Strategy in London, UK. Akhil has professional experience in international banking and audit and has worked on a range of areas from infrastructure to climate finance.

In 2013, he founded Ascendant Strategy, a boutique financial research firm that uses proprietary knowledge of economic, financial and stock market cycles to help investors make better investment decisions. He is Editor of Cycles, Trends and Forecasts, a widely-read financial newsletter in the UK that distills insights from his research to a broad audience. He is also a stock market and real estate investor and so puts into practice what he researchers. He has two Master’s Degrees in finance and Public Policy and a Bachelor’s Degree in Classics from Oxford.

Jim and Akhil discuss what the real estate cycle is, where are we in it and what that means to you.

Bruce Turkel says ‘Be Yourself’

Bruce Turkel is CEO and ECD for TURKEL Brands in Miami, FL. Turkel uses a unique combination of creativity and business acumen to help companies build their businesses by making their brands more valuable. Turkel is a serial entrepreneur who has created many successful companies.

Currently, Turkel is focused on his brand management agency (, headquartered in Miami, and his Hispanic market advertising agency ( with 19 offices throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Bruce Turkel is an accomplished author and speaker ( He has published three books on branding and marketing – Brain Darts; New Design: Miami; and Building Brand Value. He is also a passionate musician and fronts the Miami R&B band Blackstar.

Bruce brings his harmonica to the show along with tips to build your personal and corporate brand. This week: Why being yourself is “All About Them.”

Episode 472: 06-28-18

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