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Affordable Housing in South Florida; How To Find Business Deals; Update on Vivian

Episode 451: 02-01-18

Affordable Housing in South Florida

Ali Solis is Executive Director for Make Room USA, which researches, shares and advocates for bold solutions to the country’s rental housing crises. We know housing costs are out of control in South Florida, Florida and the USA. Jim and Ali discuss the cause of the problem and some solutions that are working in Miami and other parts of the country.

How To Find Business Deals

Jim has brokered and invested in billions of dollars of real estate. He will share some of his tips on how to find business deals.

Update on Vivian

Jim’s wife, Vivian Fried, had her kidney transplant one month ago. Jim will give us all an update. Spoiler alert!!! SHE IS DOING GREAT!

Episode 451: 02-01-18

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