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Giselle Guerra and Luke Preczewski: How the Miami Transplant Institute Saved Vivian

Episode 464: 05-03-18

Jim Fried of Fried On Business talks to Dr. Giselle Guerra and Luke Preczewski. Dr. Guerra is the nationally and internationally recognized Medical Director of Transplant Services and Living Donor Kidney Program at Miami Transplant Institute (MTI), a unique affiliation between Jackson Health System and University of Miami Health System.

Dr. Guerra focuses on integrating medical services, improving outreach, and coordinating public relations. She also plays a key role in reviewing and restructuring patient flow, and helps organize and implement quality assurance projects. Dr. Guerra also holds the position of associate professor of clinical medicine at the UM Miller School of Medicine.

Luke Preczewski is the Vice President for Transplant at Jackson Health System in Miami. He oversees the Miami Transplant Institute [MTI]. The MTI is one of the largest and most comprehensive transplant programs in the United States, and is a joint initiative of Jackson Health System and the University of Miami.

Jim and the folks from MTI/JHS discuss their role in our community, how you can help and how they saved the life of Vivian Fried – and many others too!

Interview Segment

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