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Networking and Commercial Real Estate, Art and Real Estate, Vivian Fried Kidney Transplant Update

Episode 418: 05-04-17

Networking and Commercial Real Estate

Roy Abrams is CEO and Founder of RealConnex and GPI Real Estate Group, New York. Abrams is a real estate developer and tech entrepreneur with a blue-chip track record.

Prior to starting RealConnex – a web site which connects real estate professionals with capital, investments, services and each other, Abrams founded the GPI Real Estate Group – a real estate development and investment advisory organization with operations in the UK, USA and Europe.

RealConnex marries Abrams’ track record, leadership skills and Internet experience with his extensive real estate experience. Abrams was formerly the CEO of LBI, an Internet services organization, which sold to Publicis for $580m in 2012. He was also a managing director at Lotus development/IBM and CEO of TurboCAD, one of the world’s leading software products. He also held various positions on private and public boards.

We all know Jim is the king of networking. He and Roy will discuss networking and commercial real estate – and why RealConnex is the “next big thing” in on-line real estate platforms.

Art and Real Estate

Brazilian-born and Miami-made, artist Romero Britto is an internationally renowned artist who uses bold, vibrant and colourful patterns to reflect his optimistic view of the world around him.

Jim and Romero discuss his favorite instillations, what inspires him and what directions his art will take as he evolves.

Vivian Fried Kidney Transplant Update

Jim gives us an update on his wife, Vivian, and her search for a kidney donor. Vivian is staying strong and upbeat! Please help!!

For an update on Vivian and her search for a kidney transplant, watch her interview on WPLGTV10 in Miami:

For information on kidney donation, email


Episode 418: 05-04-17

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