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Journalism, Justice and a Chance for Every Child; Vivian Fried: A Hero’s Story

Episode 505: 02-14-19

Journalism, Justice and a Chance for Every Child

Dr. David Lawrence retired in 1999 as publisher of The Miami Herald to work in the area of early childhood development and readiness. He chairs The Children’s Movement of Florida, aimed at making children the state’s top priority for investment. He has served on the Governor’s Children and Youth Cabinet and twice chaired the Florida Partnership for School Readiness.

He has a new book that highlights his experiences titled A Dedicated Life: Journalism, Justice and a Chance for Every Child.

Jim and David discuss his love for children and its impact on his life’s work.

Vivian Fried: A Hero’s Story

Jim Fried’s wife, Vivian Fried, had total kidney failure and went through dialysis every day for four years while Jim searched for a kidney. She got her transplant Jan. 2, 2018, but her fight to recover continues.

Jim and Vivian share their love story today and update us on Vivian’s progress.

Episode 505: 02-14-19

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