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Jim on 2014, Wellness Tips From UHealth and the NFL

Episode 248: 01-23-14

Jim on 2014

Jim will discuss topics such as:

  • Are we facing another recession? A prominent banker Jim knows says yes. Why? Why not?
  • What is up with health care in this country? Jim has been directly exposed to the changes in the system recently. He will discuss his personal experience and what he thinks it means to us all
  • Are they finally going to get something done in D.C.? Signs seem to be pointing towards yes. Really?
  • Florida is second in the nation for job growth. What about CAREERS? Lots of help for current college grads. How about those looking for second job or to become a start-up?
  • Real Estate 2.0: What is next as the landscape changes? Retailers are buying their stores instead of developing new ones. How does this and other trends impact the new hot jobs in #CRE?

Wellness Tips From UHealth and the NFL

Our UHealth special guest is Dr. Michael Baraga with UHealth Sports Medicine. We talk about ways to avoid injury and common injuries as we head back into the gym following the New Year’s resolution to exercise.

Terek Maddox, B.S., exercise physiology, is an exercise science/strength and conditioning coach for his firm ESPA Training, Inc., in South Florida. After a stint with the New York Jets‘ strength and conditioning department, Terek returned to Miami to head his own sports-training company for professional athletes in the South Florida area.

He currently works with athletes in the NBA and NFL, in addition to high school and collegiate-level athletes training to get to the next level of their specific sport. Terek is a member of The National Athletic Training Association Board of Certification.

This week we discuss what your trainer can do to help you improve your life.

Episode 248: 01-23-14  (To download, right-click and select “Save Link As”.)



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