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Hot Cars for 2015, Build Business with LinkedIn, 2014 the Year of Recovery

Episode 295: 12-18-14

Hot Cars for 2015

Larry Zinn, general manager of Warren Henry Infiniti, Jaguar, and Fisker, talks about what’s hot in the auto industry for 2015, including the new Jaguar F-Type Coup and Infinity Q80 concept car.

We also discuss Warren Henry in the community, some of their upcoming loyalty events, a little Dolphins football, Heat basketball, Marlins baseball, and we give an update on our Fitbit competition.

Build Business with LinkedIn

David Himmel is the Florida Marketing Leader at PwC and also acts as the U.S. firm’s LinkedIn Training Leader. David’s current role at PwC focuses on all aspects of marketing and business development for the state of Florida, including the creation of events and programs to provide his team with opportunities to target potential clients, interact with them and engage with them on their business issues.

Also, David is responsible for all LinkedIn training for PwC and works closely with LinkedIn’s product specialists to develop materials and teach programs to improve personal branding and business development efficiency. David is a frequent speaker at conferences and external events, helping executives to better understand LinkedIn and utilize it to improve their personal brand and business development results.

We discuss why it is important to have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and how to use it to drive business.

2014 the Year of Recovery

Jim Fried calls 2014 the Year of Recovery. He gives his year-end thoughts as he looks back and into the future – all while working to live mindfully in the present.

Episode 295: 12-18-14  (To download, right-click and select “Save Link As”.)


Jim Fried: All right. We are on. We’re on with another edition on Fried on Business episode number 295. Our 300th episode’s going to be in January, make sure you listen, it’s going to be awesome. This week’s show, we’ve got David Himmel – the Florida marketing leader for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. We’re going to talk about building your Linkedin profile. Dave is a nationally recognized expert. We’re going to start the show with Larry Zinn. Larry and I are going to talk about hot cars including the Q80 Infiniti concept car and other things, sports and Miami for 2015.

We’re going to have Terek Maddox talk about how we keeps Frank Gore, Lamar Miller, fit dream in a holiday season and I’m going to wrap it up with my holiday and new year’s look back and look forward. The dollars went through the roof up 400 points. Thanks to the Fed jawboning, rates are going to stay low for a while. Also, the market is now pricing in low oil it’ll hit 54 plus a barrel today. We’ll be back after this, talking cars, burning that oil with Larry Zinn. Right after this. Wanda, it’s yours.

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Jim Fried: All right. We are having our pre-holiday show, got a great show. We’re going to talk sports and cars, my gosh what else would I ever want to talk with this guy with my good friend Larry Zinn. Larry, how are you doing? Wanda, I’m not hearing. I’m on the headset. Keep talking. We’re going to make sure I can hear, Larry. Okay. So hey, Larry listen. We were talking — all day, we’re going to talk some cars for 2015, I just had to make my business to go surf the web and find out the new concept car you guys rolled out that Q80. I saw the roll out of it, my god it looks like that they could take off and just fly, what’s up with that?

Larry Zinn: You know it’s a really neat-looking concept that they came out with. Down the line, Infiniti’s going to have a big Sedan in their lineup. Hopefully, a little throwback in the Q45 but they’re saying that this car, the Q80 concept is really going to show the future design language for the brand and that hopefully a lot of that car will be taken and put them into the actual production version of the vehicle. People that I know who saw the car in person said that it’s absolutely massive but beautiful.

Jim Fried: Oh yeah. So that’s a big car because it look like a sports car.

Larry Zinn: It was actually a four-door — rake roof-like sedan.

Jim Fried: Awesome.

Larry Zinn: Very, very cool looking.

Jim Fried: Awesome. Now, I know that Land Rover, Range Rover came out with some new product, what’s up with those?

Larry Zinn: Well we have a discovery sport which should come around April, that’s going to be a real segment poster. It’s a small SUV design to replace the LR2 and it’s going to have a third Rover available starting at about $36,000. Really, really nice package, ultra-capable and really good-looking too and on top of that, we have the Range Rover Sport SVR which I know I’ve mentioned here before but it’s a 550 horsepower Range Rover Sport that sound like a Jaguar F-Type. The car is bonkers.

Jim Fried: Now, Larry if you worry started taking orders for these cars?

Larry Zinn: Absolutely.

Jim Fried: So I can get Vivian on the list?

Larry Zinn: Absolutely.

Jim Fried: I hope she’s not listening.

Larry Zinn: I’m sure, she is.

Jim Fried: You know she is, you already know she’s texting me how do I get one of those. Get Larry to get me on the list and she’ll strong-arm you on Monday when we see you Larry. Now, Larry, what are you doing on Christmas day?

Larry Zinn: Well Christmas day, I’m going to the E game.

Jim Fried: There you go. I wonder who you’re going to be going with, okay. I’ll let it out to bank me, me.

Larry Zinn: Yeah. It should be awesome. I’m really looking forward to it.

Jim Fried: You know they were talking on the way and they were talking about what everybody should do that the heat should run a thing about think of LeBron or maybe not or maybe goof on him, I’m not really sure what we should do. I really do want to thank him for bringing us the four titles. I don’t really like the way that he left it. It wasn’t really any of part of my business. I think I’m just going to stand up and give him the thumbs up kind of silently. I’m not sure. What do you think?

Larry Zinn: I think it’ll be great that the entire stadium was just silent. Nobody boo or cheer, everyone just went silent.

Jim Fried: Yeah. Maybe turn their back, I don’t know.

Larry Zinn: That’ll be really cool. Since that’s not going to happen, I think everybody should cheer him. We did get two championships. We had some good history together. I like you also don’t necessarily agree with the way that he left but it is what it is. I don’t think he’s very good at leaving places.

Jim Fried: Yeah. I think he does have a problem with that. But it seem like he went back for the right reasons, he said he went back to be closer to family. The Heat is family but the theme of family always comes up when you and I are talking on the phone because it’s great to be in part of the Warren Henry family. I want to make sure you give a high five to Isbet. I’m going to see in May when I come up there to get my car service, when I go see you, we go out for quarterly launch up there. And watch out Vivian’s going to be coming with me and you know she’s going to be asking questions about that Land Rover or the Range Rover and stuff like that.

Larry Zinn: I’m sure of it. I’m ready.

Jim Fried: All right.

Larry Zinn: I’m sprucing up on everything.

Jim Fried: Well, listen, are you going to hit the Dolphin game against the Minnesota Vikings? I’ll be up there. I know Dave, he might be going too. Dave’s give me his maybe. You’re going there, you go to every game, Larry.

Larry Zinn: Absolutely. I’ll definitely be there.

Jim Fried: Aren’t you for the win.

Larry Zinn: Disappointing overall but still got to go and support him.

Jim Fried: Now, Larry, we talk about this every January and I guess really every December, you know, when I call the urban myth of the year end car deals, but you keep telling me it’s not an urban legend that there are really good deals to be had this time of year.

Larry Zinn: Absolutely. I mean you — previous model year cars that are changing over to the new model year so those always have to go. The manufactures put out some pretty big objectives for all the dealers, it’s a good time of year and not to mention gas prices or at the lowest we’ve seen in such a long time. That’s really helping sparks sales.

Jim Fried: You know, we always talking joke but I always keep my car on sport mode to burn as much gas as possible.

Larry Zinn: I understand. I mean the only way to drive not to burn as much gas as possible sport mode.

Jim Fried: Yeah, sport mode. I don’t burn as much gas as possible. I love to feel a down shift though. So, Larry what are you thinking about the Marlins. You saw they kept Giancarlo Stanton, now it looks like they’re trying to put a team around him. I mean I’m not a real great talent evaluator for baseball but at least it’s somewhat exciting to talk about it and it seems like Mr. Lori has put his money where his mouth is.

Larry Zinn: It’s a step in the right direction, I think. I mean I know a lot of us felt slighted as far as the way things have been handled after the new stadium came in place and the team was wholesaled or liquidated once again. This is a good thing, I mean Stanton is going to be one of those guys that we would regret letting go of just like Cabrera and everybody else that we’ve seen through the years go and just become an ultra-superstar somewhere else because we didn’t hold on to him.

Now this guy’s the real deal and I think it is lot to the people of Miami that we’re going to have a product and let’s put some sands on the feet now.

Jim Fried: Well I got a seat for opening day and you’re more than welcome to join me. We’ll talk offline about all of that but hopefully you can clear schedule for afternoon, early evening of baseball and join me and we’ll have a great time. I may even have a beer that night.

Larry Zinn: I mean, Jim, you know how I felt about this whole thing. I was very upset about the way that I felt like a fan got treated for the Marlins and this really feels like a step in the right direction.

Jim Fried: Well that’s why I’m offering you a little olive branch to try to get you to set your first foot into the stadium. No, no, no Dave is kind of smiling here, you know Larry’s been terrific about doing events with us at the stadium and I want to thank you for letting your team come to the event and stuff but he’s been protesting. If I can get you to break your protest, I’m not going to make you commit on the year, Larry and stuff like that but I love to see — love to go to the game and then we can have the triumph. We can have the Heat, the Marlins and the Dolphins and we can be talking sports for the rest of our lives. It’s going to be great.

Larry Zinn: I’ll give you my commitment, Jim. I’m in. Okay.

Jim Fried: Awesome. High five. Well Larry, you know what are some of the good stuff that’s coming up on — I don’t even want to talk about your other name plates. Larry, I saw the photos of all the Lamborghinis on the tarmac. What’s up with that?

Larry Zinn: As far as the — on the runway. Yeah. When they launch the new Huracan, they put them on the runway and basically let them go all out which is pretty awesome. I mean you got a straight line, it seems like it’s never got to end for the car that’s accelerates zero to 60 and round 3 seconds and 200 and just a hair over that. I mean that’s like a dream come true but that was a really cool event that they had going on.

Jim Fried: That looked like totally awesome and then you’ve got some good community events coming up, what do you have got coming up around the corner starting in the new year?

Larry Zinn: Well, we just had our Toys For Tots drive, which was great. We collect toys from all of our employees and anybody who would like to come and drop off. We’re able to really put something nice together for the kids. We got a lot of toys for kids age 13 and over which they said they really need some help with. That was a great thing. Coming in the new year, we have some golf tournaments coming up, we’ve got a ride and drive this weekend of Jaguar and Land Rover customers either to go to the Dolphins game after the ride and drive is over and at the stadium, we hang out to the parking lot and then go inside and sit together or there’s another going on whether driving down to Key Largo together to go and have a nice meal and watch the sunset.

Jim Fried: Wow. That sounds great and believe me I’ve got a — well just to let you know I’ve got a whole bunch of clients that have hotels down there. If you like, we can team you up with some of them and give them an overnight too. I’m happy to work with you and Floyd and the rest of your team on that.

Larry Zinn: Hey and you know, going forward in the future, always looking for new ideas and new exciting things.

Jim Fried: Well, I’m going to make sure I make that happen. I just wrote it down, hold on. No dead air but I’m writing you can hear it. So Larry, how much time do we have left, Wanda? That’s it. All right. Well listen Larry, how do people find your website, your phone numbers, all that good stuff buddy?

Larry Zinn: We can always reach at 305-690-6006. Catch us at or @warrenhenryauto on basically all the social media platforms.

Jim Fried: All right. Well listen, I’m at Jim Fried. I’m saying thanks to @LarryZinn for being on for the @warrenhenryshow today and I want to thank you so much, Larry and I’ll see you about this time next week. We’ll be high five and get ready to see LBJ, you know shoot the lights out at the Miami arena.

Larry Zinn: Sounds good brother. Thank you very much, Jim. Have an awesome day.

Jim Fried: You have a great day, Larry. Stay positive, stay strong. We’ll see you next week with Vivian and a little bit later in a week with LBJ, we’ll be right back after this. We’re going to have Dave Himmel, we’re going to talk about Linkedin tips, how to build maximize your profile. Wanda, all yours.

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Jim Fried: We’re back and this is going to be some awesome stuff. We’ve got David Himmel. He’s the Florida market leader for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, PwC. He acts as the firm’s Linkedin, training leader. He focuses on all aspects of marketing and business development. He helps them build their brand and do business development. He talks at conferences and events and on radio shows. He’s experienced includes marketing leadership roles or some of the world premiere brands including Procter & Gamble, Diago and all I want to hear how you sold booze and cigarettes at Philip Morris. Additionally, Dave is Wall Street experienced. He worked at Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase the part I like.

He’s really smart. He went to Tufts undergraduate. He got an MBA from University of Michigan. He’s going to be the next coach for all Wolverine. He’s an Olympian in the sport of sailboat racing. He’s a marathoner, cyclist, kiteboarder, you’ve seen him out there off Hobo beach. Dave, how are you doing buddy?

David Himmel: I’m doing great. How are you, Jim?

Jim Fried: I’m doing fine. Now, Wanda, we got Dave. You got a voice level on Dave? I got a voice level on you though. Okay. So Dave, I can hear you now girl now put it back on off. Now, Dave listen I’ve been first adapt on Linkedin, I used to send them out 50 time — I used to kill me, spent me an hour to send all of 3,000 of those things. Today, I’m not that dumb. I’m on Linkedin but I know how to do it more efficiently. But why don’t we talk first about why it’s so important to be on Linkedin?

David Himmel: Well, Jim there’s a number of reasons. The biggest one is that Linkedin now has over 325 million users. They’re actually adding two new users or two new profiles every second. They’re growing that quickly. So it is far in a way the number one social network for business.

Jim Fried: I think that’s the most important thing, social network for business because what I’ve learned is each one of the social networks has a completely different personality. Facebook’s for friends, Twitter’s for Twitter people and Twitter’s really a high fast paced thing. I get my news from Twitter and then Linkedin is a place where business people come together.

David Himmel: It is a place where business people come together but another really good reason you need to be on there. A lot of people today hey, they’ve had it with social media. I know for some of us, it’s the place to be. It’s where things are happening. There are plenty of people who don’t participate in social media and even if you don’t participate in social media, you need to be on Linkedin and here’s the reason why. You do a great job in your day job, you’re great at real estate, correct and people are throwing your name right. You got to talk to Jim Fried.

Jim Fried: Yeah.

David Himmel: So when they do …

Jim Fried: Who’s Jim Fried?

David Himmel: So when they do that, people look you up online. They go to Google, they look you up and the first result they typically find is your Linkedin profile. They know Linkedin because most people know it. They know they’re going to find out where you work, that a bit about your background maybe a picture and they’re going to find a lot of great information about you. So they’re going to look at it, so your Linkedin profile today acts as your online billboard. It’s your online brand. If somebody wants to learn about you, they’re going to look at that.

Jim Fried: Yeah and you know you were talking about your picture, I can’t believe the people that have like a selfie that their dog took through like a tunnel as their Linkedin profile, I mean it’s the first thing people see. I look at it to see how it look. No one wants to judge a book by its cover but the reason that it exist is because people do.

David Himmel: We do. So everything you put on your Linkedin profile is important and it’s not just an online resume. People are making judgments about every little thing you put on there, your pictures certainly but everything about your personality. Most people don’t bother to fill things out like what you did when you were in school. Not important to many people that was a long time ago but if I tell you that someone want a scholarship with the captain of a varsity sports team and the president of XYZ club, you form an opinion, a positive one.

Jim Fried: Yeah. I mean I use the stuff and I got to tell you I’ve been on it so long. I probably need to get it all in analyze and cleaned up because I got all kinds of different things but I got a five star profile. I got video, I got audio, I got written documents Linkedin, I got web pages, I’ve got everything they ask for filled in but I just really don’t know when they keep asking me what degree I got at North Miami Beach Senior High, I just don’t know what to put. Now, listen so that brings up why is it important to have a complete in detailed profile on Linkedin because minus pretty much filled up like I said except for the degree that I got from North Miami Beach Senior High.

David Himmel: Sure. Well a lot of people fill that out but no one’s ever taken few people that ever taken a class on how to fill one out properly. So you put together some restatement for instance that you think is —

Jim Fried: Now, I’m listening, man.

David Himmel: — a good summary but what you’re really doing on Linkedin when someone’s looking at your profile, they’re interviewing you. Only you’re not there.

Jim Fried: I’m talking to them.

David Himmel: Yeah. So what do they want to know, what’s the first interview question?

Jim Fried: Where you’re from?

David Himmel: Tell me about yourself.

Jim Fried: Geez.

David Himmel: Tell me about yourself is really …

Jim Fried: That’s it. It’s the first question at any business meeting almost.

David Himmel: Sure. Tell me about your professional background.

Jim Fried: Who are you?

David Himmel: Who are you?

Jim Fried: Where you from? What you do? Who do you know famous?

David Himmel: That’s question number two for the summary. Who do — what do you do? What do you do now? And finally the one thing people never complete that people are missing is why you? So great, I get you have a great background and, you know, I really like what you’re doing now but I’m looking at some other people with similar backgrounds and similar roles, why should I choose you over these other guys.

Jim Fried: Oh my god so how do you make it say, “I got one too.”

David Himmel: Well because, you’re going to go and you’re going to say, “What makes you different? What makes you standout? Why do your clients,” — what I tell people is ask your clients, why they choose you. Put that down.

Jim Fried: Hold on. I’m writing that down. Hold on a second. Ask why and is that a testimonial section. You know what is the toughest …

David Himmel: That’s your summary. The recommendations that’s easy. What I tell people is to recommendations, you don’t have to go out and ask for recommendations. You know what you have to do, pay it forward a little bit. Give some recommendations because when you give recommendations Linkedin props the people that receive them to reciprocate.

Jim Fried: Oh god, I can’t write down. I hope everybody else is writing this stuff down because I know I haven’t shoot, I get this stuff on tape. So give recommendations to people you want to recommend you.

David Himmel: Yes. This is great stuff.

Jim Fried: Now, so then my profile’s complete, there’s all of these extra things they ask you to like I put on the radio shows when I’m in the newspaper, I put that on but you know I get notices when my daily summary of Linkedin of when somebody publishes and I really want to understand how to do that and sometimes, we hear you’ll like this. Sometimes, I make a change just to make a change so people see my profile again.

David Himmel: Okay. And you can do that one thing that you need to be aware of is that there’s a thing called activity broadcast. It’s in the settings menu. You want to make sure that when you make changes, you don’t want broadcast, your activity broadcast are turned off because we’ve all received an email from Linkedin about a coworker who’s updated their profile and it always says, “Hey, congratulate Jim on his new job,” only you haven’t changed jobs.

Jim Fried: Oh gosh. Now, I’m blushing and you can see the blushing on the radio by me going, “Wow. I’m blushing now.” So listen, what belongs in somebody’s Linkedin summary?

David Himmel: So the three parts I mentioned, what’s your professional background two sentences and by the way the whole thing is informal. It’s not a resume, don’t copy it from your resume. This is not bulleted, it’s …

Jim Fried: Conversational?

David Himmel: First person.

Jim Fried: First person. Write this stuff down.

David Himmel: Conversational, what I always tell people, Jim is my mom needs to understand everything you say.

Jim Fried: No jargon?

David Himmel: No jargon. So the first paragraph, two sentences what’s your professional background. Second paragraph …

Jim Fried: I can’t write this fast, I’m just going to have to listen to the tape. Second paragraph …

David Himmel: Second paragraph is what do you do now, what’s your current role and third paragraph is what’s the value provide or why you.

Jim Fried: The value preposition.

David Himmel: Exactly.

Jim Fried: Oh my god. This is just awesome. Hey, Wanda how much time do I have left here? Two minutes? I got a whole like pay. Dave can you stay pass the turn the hour and stay with me for another segment?

David Himmel: Sure.

Jim Fried: Awesome. Okay. So I cut you up but that’s what I do, I have a radio show.

David Himmel: Okay. Well, you know most people don’t think, they just want to fill this out quickly and this is …

Jim Fried: I’m done.

David Himmel: This is a sales tool and by the way, before you start using Linkedin, you need to have a great profile because it’s like going in the dance without dressing up. You don’t want to start using Linkedin with a crummy profile.

Jim Fried: We’re going to talk about some of this stuff in a minute but one of the things that I did was I saw the people in my universe, I guess. I don’t remember how they do it and I saw where I rated on page views vis-a-vis them. Then I went to the top two page views and looked at their profile to try to figure out why. Then I look up keywords and I started adding the keywords using this profile, I went through the roof. That helps doesn’t it?

David Himmel: Absolutely. So there’s an area on Linkedin called Skills. Skill’s an area of expertise. You want to come up with 15 to 20 of the ones that define you most tightly. So you’re in real estate as a lot of people in real estate just putting real estate it doesn’t define you very tightly. You’re going to really talk about the things you do in detail. The skills don’t have to be in Linkedin you can add them if Linkedin doesn’t supply them.

Jim Fried: Oh my gosh, well I already look like at the bottom like one of those things it’s really great. I’ve really love it. We’re going to talk more Linkedin tips why because it’s important. Also because Dave is fun and funny so stick with us around a half hour, we’re going to have David Himmel. He’s the Florida marketing leader at PwC that’s Price Waterhouse Coopers for you old people like me. We’ll be back after this. Wanda, I place the show in your hands.

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Jim Fried: All right. We are back and I am calm down. All right. We’re here with David Himmel. Dave is going to be a frequent and regular cast on the show for no other reason and he laughs at my jokes. There’s right on queue. All right, Dave. We’ve been talking about — well let’s give your credit again. Dave is the Florida marketing leader at PwC for old folks like me that’s PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

He acts as the firm US Linkedin trained director. He’s a smart guy. He went to Tufts and the University of Michigan. He’s an Olympian in the sport of sailboard racing which he learned out on a bay right here at Coconut Grove. He’s a marathoner, cyclist, and he’s a kiteboarder but I always want to say kick butter. Anyway, Dave is going to talk to us about why is it important — we already talked about why it’s important for Linkedin. You don’t know why, listen on our replays on the website. We’re going to go into some more good Linkedin stuff right now. So, you know, Dave who should you connect with on Linkedin and who shouldn’t you connect with?

Great question because I get these requests from people I never heard of and the first thing I do is I check out who do I know that they know. The second thing is I see what their credentials are. If they only have three other people, they ain’t linking with me.

David Himmel: Okay. So it’s the question I get all the time. Because most people have Linkedin, they don’t know what to do with it. They got profile …

Jim Fried: Yeah. They got all this stuff sitting in their box.

David Himmel: But they knew they have to have it because they’re in business, everybody else has in Linkedin.

Jim Fried: Yeah. The guy in marketing told me to do this.

David Himmel: Exactly. So the real answer that this is — think about it. Why do you want this connections in the first place? What value are they?

Jim Fried: Well, for me the value is many fold. Some of them are new ideas and I’m looking to build my network out in a new place. Others are old friends that give credibility or perhaps access to new ideas, they’re just all people in my network and what I don’t want to do is let the wrong person in because one bad applicants spoiled the whole darn bunch.

David Himmel: Sure. Well, you know most people today at PwC …

Jim Fried: Michael Jackson.

David Himmel: At PwC today were using Linkedin a lot to go ahead and —

Jim Fried: The Osmonds? Sorry.

David Himmel: — take the relationships we have and look at the people that they know. The second degree we call connections on Facebook their friends on Linkedin, their connections. So who are their second degree connections? The average person on Linkedin has about 300 connections. Think average everyone on their connections also has 300. So the average person on Linkedin has 300 first degree connections, 90,000 300 times 300 second degree connections.

Jim Fried: Wow.

David Himmel: Now, you want to get to those second degree connections. The only way you’re going to get to them is to ask the person you know for an introduction. So I can’t ask somebody I don’t know for an introduction. So that’s a simple rule of thumb, who do you not want to connect with, you don’t want to connect with someone you don’t know because you can’t ask them, ‘Hey, someone I don’t know. Can you introduce me to Jim Fried?” That’s not going to work.

Okay. Only connect with people you know that’s number one. When people send you connection request, you got three choices. You can accept it and you accept it if you know them and you feel comfortable asking them for a favor. “Hey, friend. I see you know Jim Fried, do you mind introducing me?” You can ask that favor, you should accept.

Now, I said three choices. One is accept, the other is ignore, okay. You don’t have to — if you just say nah, I don’t want to connect with them, they don’t get any notification. I don’t know this guy. I don’t like this guy. Hit ignore just goes away. They don’t receive anything saying, “Hey, you told them to take a hike.”

The last one is reply. We don’t use this very much but it’s good. Your point you said you see people maybe like to know but you don’t know so reply. They’ve sent you connection request say, “Hey, you got an interesting background but I don’t generally connect with people I don’t know but you want me for coffee, you want to have a call, you want to have lunch?” Then you know them and it’s a great way to take advantage of the introduction.

Jim Fried: When that person — when that type of person request something, I look him up. I checked and if it’s somebody I want to know I’d say, “Thanks for linking in and then the message is would you like to have a call to see how we could work together in the future?’

David Himmel: Absolutely. Exactly what you need to do.

Jim Fried: Now, Dave we’ve got a phone call. Wanda, pipe the call in. Hi. It’s Jim Fried. Welcome. We’re here with Dave Himmel. We’re talking Linkedin. How are you doing, caller?

Speaker 1: I’m good. Thank you so much. I appreciate the call.

Jim Fried: Well help me out. What can we do for you today?

Speaker 1: You know, I was really curious because I’ve been using Linkedin for a long time. I mean I love it, you know. I connect with a lot of people via Linkedin but what — just heard you guys talking about going out for coffee but, you know for people that are out of state for not local, what’s the best way to connect with them? Is it a long email or short email or quick introduction?

Jim Fried: Okay. Great. Dave. That’s a great question. Want you to help us out. Thanks caller.

David Himmel: Thank you caller. I think what you’re asking is if someone is out of state and you want to connect with them but you don’t know them, how do you do that is that your question?

Jim Fried: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Exactly like, you know I don’t want to give my — for lack of a better work pitch. “Hey, this is what I do. This is what I want.” But I love to just, you know introduce myself. I mean what’s the best way?

David Himmel: To be honest, that’s not what Linkedin for. Linkedin is to connect with people that you know. If this is someone that you want to know, okay the best way to do it is to find someone on Linkedin who knows them.

Jim Fried: But you can do that with Linkedin, can’t you? You can see — go to the person’s profile and you can click on it but does Linkedin shows you common connections if you linked on with somebody?

David Himmel: Linkedin will show you common …

Speaker 1: It gives a lot of time it has to be a paid Linkedin subscriber.

David Himmel: Linkedin will show you common connections depending upon their setting. So the deal with email on Linkedin is very simple. If you’re free Linkedin member which most people are, you can go ahead and send an email to anyone that you’re connected to directly. They call it an InMail. If you have a premium membership, you have the ability to send an InMail through Linkedin to anyone regardless of your connection status.

Jim Fried: Okay. So that brings up a great point, Dave and thanks for your call, caller. We really do appreciate you calling in today.

Speaker 1: Thank you.

Jim Fried: All right. High five. Now Dave, what is the advantage of a Linkedin premium membership?

David Himmel: There’s a number of advantages. I got this question was …

Jim fried: That’s what I have.

David Himmel: Okay. There are varying levels of Linkedin premium membership. The biggest advantages are the ability number one, to filter better. So you ever do a search on Linkedin, you want to see all of the people that work at XYZ company, you may get a thousand results back. You need to start to filter that down otherwise, you’re clicking through and looking at a thousand different profiles.

With Linkedin premium, you have the ability to use premium search filters like function. So in our business, I want to see finance and accounting people. I don’t care about the sales people. Okay. So I can get to them quickly. Also seniority, I only want to see C level or directors, I don’t need the managers and the lower level folks.

Jim Fried: So that makes it a very, very good filter then for people that are looking to develop leads. Now, we only have a minute or two left, so why don’t you tell me a couple of good Linkedin success stories.

David Himmel: Okay. Well they basically all relate back to the fact that Linkedin’s all about using the people that you know to meet new people. So I’ve asked several times for people to introduce me to someone they know. They send an email to both of us, introducing us. A meeting takes place, a relationship builds and business happens, so how that happen countless times.

Jim Fried: It sounds to me like I need a PhD in Linkedin, we got to get you back. We’ve got to have some more good stuff going on. One last question, this seems like it’s going to take a lot of time if you’re really want to get into it.

David Himmel: This does not take a lot of time. I teach a course where we setup your Linkedin profile from horrible to great in an hour. After that, it’s just about connecting with people and developing the best practice every time you meet someone new, shoot them a quick Linkedin connection and then there’s no more up keep. Then it’s just about utilizing this as a new tool to make new connections and new leads for doing business.

It’s not about social media for the sake of social media, it’s about using your connections on Linkedin to get new introductions to never ask the cold call.

Jim Fried: Oh no, it’s a business thing all the time and I must say is when I come back from a conference, I am impressed with the people that do ask to linked in with me on Linkedin. It always makes them stand out from just the stack of cards.

David Himmel: Absolutely. Well you need to take that stack of cards. I was ask people what you do when you get a card? They put it in their pocket, they put it in their drawer eventually gets thrown away. Take the card, the next day, go into Linkedin, find the person, write them a quick note say, “Hey. It was great to meet you at the conference. Let’s keep in touch and connect with them.” That’s it.

Jim Fried: Well that’s just absolutely awesome. I want to thank so much, Dave Himmel. He’s a Florida marketing leader for PwC that’s Price Waterhouse Coopers. If you need a good, high level accounting work, Dave how do they find you?

David Himmel: Dave …

Jim Fried: On Linkedin.

David Himmel: On Linkedin, that’s the easiest one absolutely.

Jim Fried: Well Dave, I want to thank Dave Himmel for coming. I want to thank PwC for bringing him on the show. Dave, we’re looking forward to having you back. May even invite Bruce Turkel and we could talk about building your brand with Linkedin.

David Himmel: Beautiful.

Jim Fried: Awesome. Wanda, the show is yours. After this, Terek Maddox: How to Stay Fit for the Holidays then a couple of minutes with me and then it’s getting for the new year. We’ll be back after this.

[Commercial Break]

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Jim Fried: All right. We’re waiting for Terek Maddox to call in. Talk about How to Stay Fit and then I was going to do a little bit of a thing for the holiday, but hey, let’s go right into the thing for a holiday. Let’s look back on the year-end review. The year-end review, the word was recovery. We recovered the economy recovered, low gas prices helped the economy recover. It was all a good thing. The low gas prices are causing a little instability in Eastern Europe well hopefully let that big bear lie.

You’re seeing the real estate market in South Florida continue to rock and roll, it’s been great but the number one thing that I think defines this year is that this is the year where we made the turn pretty much everybody I know is now in the recovery mode. They’re doing better. Some of them are still looking at recovery. They haven’t gotten back to even yet, lots of people are still working to get back to even but now we’ve got to think about what’s ahead.

So what’s ahead next year is continued growth even the fed couldn’t stop the growth from happening the stock market rocked. Today and it’s going to hopefully continue to rock as the gas prices combine with continuing all interest rates to keep the economy, the United States moving. Why is that important ask anybody in the world why that’s important. Everybody else plans on selling us goods and services because their economies stinks.

So it’s really important for us to continue to move on, you’ll see this year in 2015, the condos will start delivering. Some of the buildings will start delivering this year, you’ll see people take occupancy. The lights will go on, they’ll be high fives across South Florida as the furniture business, the electronics business and the other durable goods, manufacturers and sellers in Florida, in Miami particularly start to have a field day.

This will be their best seals, outlets in the country’s my bet because we’re going to see growth and new household formation here at numbers. They won’t see anywhere else in the country. I’m not an economist, I’m just a guy that looks out at his window. So the other thing that I see happening is that we’re going to continue to need more patients on the highway, the traffic is getting nuts. What used to be considered insane, Christmas traffic is now the new normal.

It’s going to get worst as this condos open and we’re going to see what I call the formation of the city state in Miami where people won’t leave their little town. It used to be Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, now it’s going to be Downtown, Midtown, Brickell, Coral, Gables, and with no rapid transportation, you’ll be looking to use more Uber, Lyft and taxi. Probably more Uber and Lyft than taxi from what I’ve seen from my friends. I’ve getting nods from Dave, he must be a real urbanite. Me, I just take a taxi from my home back and forth to the Heat games.

I’ve been doing it for years. It’s the way to do it. It’s the way to go. It’s 18 bucks and 25 bucks because we got to circle but it’s awesome. I love it. I’m going to the Heat game. You heard me talking about it with Larry, what am I going to do when LeBron comes well we’re all hoping that there’s no boo-ing and no applause that it’s just silent then you’ll hear crickets, that’s not going to happen or probably just stand up and give them the thumbs up, maybe the salute for all of the good stuff.

But I’ll tell you, I got a whole bunch of those shirts that have all of the teams crossed off except for San Antonio. I knew when I pick my t-shirt up that night, it was probably the last time I see LeBron because you just felt it. That’s another thing that happen is LeBron left this year. What else happen this year? The Marlins are stocking up, high five to the Marlins for that. I’m very excited about that. All the people have renewed in my season ticket group and I’m having a lot for reopening they’re not really, I’m taking Larry.

Because it’ll be Larry’s first day back in the stadium and that’s what we need to do this coming year. We need to give the Marlins a chance, my goodness. It looks from here like they maybe the closest to get to play awesome, any of the big teams in town right now, they’ve worked hard and Jeffrey Loria, you know he spend in some of that money, they hold on to the guys. I’m hoping this time so we should all join me at the ball park.

It’s a great facility. My wife loves it and so do everybody does, everybody that I ever taken, I can say honestly that nobody’s had a bad time when they’ve gone with me. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I brought a whole bunch of people to the game against the braves that Fernandez got his home run and then had a little shout out with.

We always get a foul ball, it’s always a great time at the Ball Park. I’m looking for more of that in the coming year two. But the most important thing that is going to happen next year is the continuation of the positive energy, momentum machine that is our show. Our show continues to evolve, our sponsors evolve renewed, we’re going to be moving from 5-6, we’re going to soon be on from 6-7, I think we’ll get even more people listening to the show at that point because more of them will be in their car.

So I want to make sure you join us. It’s been a great year 2014’s been great, 2015 is going to be even better. It’s all of our jobs to work together, to maintain the positive energy that we look to create because the positive energy is what we all feed here as we met on all the time, talking about mindfulness, being and living in a moment. Don’t worry about what happen, don’t worry about what’s going to happen. Live in the moment. I’m not saying don’t make plans, you got to make plans but when you’re getting yourself up tight, your heart’s beating a little too fast.

Just take a moment, step back, watch your breathing, and make sure that you feel positive. All right. I want to thank our guest today. Dave Himmel still here in the studio, Dave high five to you, buddy. It’s a little bit of big desk here but Dave is awesome. Dave is a local Miami and went to Palmetto, right?

David Himmel: Yeah.

Jim Fried: Grew up went to Palmetto, an MB guy. We’re going to have more day. We’re going to try to get the guy to introduce Dave and I together. Bruce Turkel and have a social media branding festival.

David Himmel: Hey, Jim. You know I’m almost famous at Palmetto, very big business guy.

Jim Fried: Yeah. That guy is company’s starts with an A, I think.

David Himmel: It does.

Jim Fried: It has a dot com at the end.

David Himmel: Yeah.

Jim Fried: Well Dave’s been great. We’re going to have more Linkedin tips with Dave. Dave even generated the caller. I’d give him another high five but I hurt myself on the last one. So Dave, I want to thank Dave. I want to thank Larry Zinn. Larry’s been sponsoring the show for a long time, that’s great but what I love about Larry is the segments on the show, we talk guy talk, we talk cars and sports. I love it and I’m taking it in and we’re going to go for LeBron James game here on Christmas day.

It’s going to be great. I also want to thank Wanda and the whole team here at 880 AM, it’s been great. Now, I want to thank South Florida Business and Wealth, the CCIMs, UHealth, another sponsor that’s been there from the beginning. The Miami Marlins and the Miami Dolphins. The NFL alumni, Social Media 305, Lauren’s Kids, the Aztec Group, the Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies.

But, hey, The most important person to thank is you. The person on the other side of this microphone, because without you I’d have no show. Go to our Facebook page, like our show, tell your friends. Join our community, give us feedback and comments. Tell us who you want to hear from @jimfried on Twitter. I’m on Facebook. I’m on Linkedin, that’s right. Move fast. Okay, remember this is not a rehearsal, this is your life. The person who wants to do something finds a way the other, finds an excuse. Now, go out there and make it happen.



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