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Commercial Real Estate National Perspective, Build Your Brand with Buffer, South Florida Condo Update

Episode 310: 04-02-15

Commercial Real Estate National Perspective

Steven W. Moreira, CCIM, CIPS, is the incoming national president of the CCIM Institute. We discuss national commercial real estate market trends and why a CCIM is a great certification to have.

Build Your Brand with Buffer

John Mahoney is a social media/PR maven (@socialmedia305). We discuss the benefits of using Buffer in your social media campaigns. Jim uses it all the time.

South Florida Condo Update

Jim gives a South Florida condo update and explains how a strengthening dollar is creating a sense of urgency in the market.

Episode 310: 04-02-15 (To download, right-click and select “Save Link As”.)


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Jim Fried: Alright. You heard the guy. This is Jim Fried. We’re going to get the national perspective on commercial real estate from Steven W. Moreira, CCIM. He’s the incoming national president of the CCIM Institute. We’re going to have Gil Dezer, president of Dezer Development talking about the super luxury condo market here in South Florida and we’re going to have John Mahoney, social media/maven and PR maven at Social Media 305. We’re going to discuss the benefits of using Buffer. The stock market went up today. The oil prices went a little bit down as the United States yanked a tentative agreement with Iran. We don’t do politics on this show, so we’re just cut to commercial and be right back with real estate talk. Dee take it away.

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Female Announcer: This is the Wall Street Business Network.

Announcer: South Florida’s only Business radio station. 880AM. The Biz. You’re listening to Fried on Business. To talk to Jim and his guest call 305-541-2350. That’s 305-541-2350. Now back to your host Jim Fried.

Jim Fried: Alright. We’re back and we’ve got two presidents of CCIM with us. We’ve got local president Frank Rodriguez and national incoming president Steven W. Moreira. Hey, Steven are you out there?

Steven Moreira: I am Jim. How are you doing today?

Jim Fried: I’m doing great, Frankie? Frank? Earth to Frank.

Frank Rodriguez: Hey, hey. Mr. Jim good afternoon.

Jim Fried: Alright, Frank keep that phone working good because the cell phone sometimes breaks up, breaks up. Now, Steve you’re incoming president CCIM, just real briefly what are you hearing nationally about the commercial real estate market?

Steven Moreira: Well, you know we do more here than nationally when you’re in the national leadership team. We travel all over with AOM Media. We have something called real estate forums all over the U.S. and CCIM is an active participant and those events and basically what happens there is we meet from two to four hundred people in various cities and then discussed all the commercial real estate trends and what’s going on.

Jim Fried: Well, that’s where we meet. We meet there just a couple of weeks ago. We sat on the panel. You were the smart guy.

Steven Moreira: Still traveling time since then Jim, so I just left L.A., so just give me some perspective from around the country and L.A. the talk is multifamily downtown is a really hot right now. It’s growing the same way we’re doing down in Brickel and downtown Miami. Having in that area and although they’re a lot more behind the infrastructure for downtown Miami. I’d say is in better shape.

Jim Fried: Wow!

Steven Moreira: Now the staple is centered apartments going everywhere. And you know California is the land of low cap rates these days as long as the financing stays low. That will work, so industrial and office, you’re looking at stuff in…

Frank Rodriguez: How low does it go Steve?

Jim Fried: Frank! Steve wandering how will the cap rates go? Steve?

Steven Moreira: I’m here.

Jim Fried: Frank just asked my how low do the cap rates go in downtown L.A.?

Steven Moreira: Multifamily 4 1/2, 5 in industrial 5’s. You can barely [inaudible 00:06:40.4.00] north of that in any property type and then Houston market it’s scenery. Houston two days ago.

Jim Fried: Well, Steve you got to try to get…

Steven Moreira: More markets than the prices, so every part of the U.S. has a different take right now on commercial real estate depending where you’re sitting, so properties are starting to trade north of six in downtown Houston. Multifamily construction has stopped and as I told the group down in Miami, when you’ve been in the business 35 years, you see different trends. I’ve been through three cycles, so the interesting thing about that is I think Florida with the oil economy slowing down, it’s really well position for growth over the next, I’m going to call it three to five year window. As you already seen in the Miami market.

Jim Fried: Now, Steve, we talked a bit while we were up in the panel, but you really had some good thoughts about why CCIM is a great certification to have and why was it important to help you build your career. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Steven Moreira: Sure. So in CCIM a long time, exactly since 2001. I started in 64, the designation and it was a couple of guys that basically wanted to create.

Jim Fried: Hey, Steve, Steve. Hey Steve. Can you move to because we’re…

Steven Moreira: I’m actually on a land phone. I don’t why you’re having… Okay.

Jim Fried: It’s the plate in my head. It’s the plate in my head.

Steven Moreira: In the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s we kind of grew CCIM through education back in the last century will call it. But as of 2001, we’ve been working on the network and if you got involved with CCIM of course you learn the common language of education and you’re going to find great technology. But what we have done since 03, I’m going to say is start working on the CCIM Network, and we’re up to about 18,000 members until the recession in 08,09 and we’re starting to see that kind of growth again. We should be up over 13,000 this year. Networking is really what CCIM is going to have for a strong point going forward and of course, with the education we speak a common language in how we look at commercial real estate investment.

Jim Fried: Well, your phone sounds a lot better now. Let’s so back to some the things we didn’t hear, so you’re talking about cap rates in L.A. They were low. In Houston they were rising. I got to believe that part of that factor in Houston is a little bit of reticence to invest in an oil based economy. What are your thoughts on the cap rates again, Steve?

Steven Moreira: Well, the caps and the cap rates in Houston right now, you know you couldn’t buy an office building in there. Even six months ago and they’re in the fours like they are in many fours and fives. You could find a deal or two in Houston at this point. The bit there if you’re an institutional player is how long is this really last with the oil. You know, they’re looking at some substantial change and consolation in the Texas market, if oil is really stays low and there’s no indicators that it’s not going to for a while. So I think cap rates stay well, in Florida. They stay low in California, and not so low in Houston. That’s where the deals or, but you’re going to have to ride a wave there and whether it’s a long wave or a short wave will depend on oil prices.

Jim Fried: How about that Northeast, Steve? What do you see up there?

Steven Moreira: Well, New York you can’t touch anything. It’s kind of in there and the Boston markets are pretty tight also as far as office and industrial goes. There’s a little bit of opening in multifamily and there’s some growth going on through the Connecticut markets. In the upper New York right now, with the apartment construction, so cap rates are about the same they are everywhere else in good solid investments still five, but it’s hard to get a 5% return. Another thing we’re seeing in the Northeast is your seeing in Miami at least in New York and the 10 major market there’s a big in flow of capital from both Asia and Europe at this point. You can’t get a return in New York paying investments at this point and have a safe flight of capital is where a lot of folks are going is come bring more money into the U.S. every day.

Jim Fried: Hey Frank, are you still on the line with us?

Frank Rodriguez: I am, I am. I’m listening carefully. Sorry. Incoming 2016 president. Yeah.

Jim Fried: Frank, you have a question for Steve? You had a good one before about the cap rates. Can you give me another good one? You’re beating me up here.

Frank Rodriguez: Yeah. Actually you know, I think that we’re not too shy away from how California, Los Angeles is doing on the multifamily cap rates. There’s been a lot of compression in our market. Steve, I guess it sounds like you’re saying our market is very similar to an L.A. market right now on overall moving cap rate.

Steven Moreira: I think the difference, I think the difference with Florida is that we have, we’re just beginning to experience a true resurgence of growth with and it’s getting some traction and velocity. I know Miami’s market is red hot right now, but some of these other places real estate has been back for couple of years. I’m up here in the Orlando market when I’m home and I think we just started. I think we’ve got a three to five year run unless interest rates go crazy and there’s no indication that’s it’s going to happen. Up growth again, in Florida.

Frank Rodriguez: Well, there’s that hinge. Wall Street Journal. All over.

Jim Fried: Well, you know that they’re talking with Frank is saying they’re hinting about the long term rates going up. Frank, the Wall Street Journal has been pushing back to the Federal Reserves from pushing back the kick off date from April to now, maybe later in the year, so I think we got a little bit of breathing room. Steve, you’re in Orlando, how about the hospitality market?

Steven Moreira: Hospitality market now is pretty hot in Orlando. They’re actually started to build hotels again, which amazes me. I mean, it hasn’t been that busy that long, but lend them money and any developer, lend it and they will build. The long high drive and in some areas a couple new hotels are starting to go up and we’re seeing new construction again.

Jim Fried: How about Tampa?

Steven Moreira: I’m sorry.

Jim Fried: How about in Tampa? What do you see over in Tampa?

Steven Moreira: I haven’t seen multifamily… Sorry. I haven’t seen hospitality construction yet, personally in Tampa. I know the markets pretty hot. I have looked over in some apartments for sale. I do institutional investment and private family office investments, so some of my guys are coming out of the oil economies and looking in putting money in Florida at this point. I’ve been looking in Tampa. I’ve been looking in Jacksonville and also in Orlando and South Florida. The amazing thing is, is there’s so much heavy occupancy right now. Everything is full and construction is starting, so the balance of the new stuff coming online with what’s up in existing pipeline or will be where the rubber meets the road as far as how long prices stay where there are.

Jim Fried: Well, we’ve only got about a minute and a half left, so Frankie , you got a couple last things you want to throw in here on us?

Frank Rodriguez: Sure, so we brought in Steve. It’s a very different perspective overall for the CCIM and he’s right with nationals. Working with them arduously to make sure we’re well recognized and well represented and I want to take an opportunity to thank them for that because there’s a lot of efforts on what we call designation promotion and making sure that the general public is aware of what the CCIM does. Here in Miami, we just decided with our radio show to do this aspect of designation promotion and I think it’s on the forefront of what Steve believes because we do believe that we provide the best in the commercial of real estate as far as come as practitioners.

Jim Fried: Well Frank, one of the guys I was having lunch today, one of the guys came up to me and said, “Jim, I know the CCIMS are sponsors on your show. Does it make sense for me to get a CCIM? I’m in construction.” And I said, “If you’re in construction it’s certainly does because it shows people you know about the investment side too.” Steve, we only got about thirty seconds left, Steve. I’m going to give you the last word since you’re the national president.

Steven Moreira: So the real secret to CCIM is once you go through our education program you’ll get a common language through the four core classes of being able to discuss cap rates. To be able to discuss return on investment and be able to position investments, so as a developer you be able to raise money. As a broker you will be able to show your clients a better scenario as far as how they can make a good investment decision. As an appraiser you will be able to write up a appraisal and be able to access to great technology or technology systems CCIM techs likes to do business awesome demographics in every place around the country. With 12,000 people across that are participating in our program and every market in the U.S. you’re going to have access to information and someone that can help you do the deal and to get to the heart of the deal right away and that’s how I would wrap it up to define CCIM, Jim.

Jim Fried: I think it’s great than. What I told the man was that I like the network. The network is what makes it for me with the CCIM and when you talk that common language it really helps to get the message across. I want to thank Frank and Steve for bringing the CCIM’s here and bringing us real estate credibility here on the front end of the show. Guys, thank you so much.

Steven Moreira: Thank you.

Frank Rodriguez: Thanks.

Steven Moreira: You do a great job for commercial real estate all over South Florida. We appreciate what you are doing in our industry.

Jim Fried: Really appreciate it, Steve. Love the endorsement. The checks in the mail. Will be back after this. Dee take it away.

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Announcer: 880AM. The Biz. You’re listening to Fried on Business. To talk to Jim and his guest call 305-541-2350. That’s 305-541-2350. Now back to your host Jim Fried.

Jim Fried: Alright. We’re back and Gil and even though we couldn’t make it cross the world. Driving into the Gumball Rally. Can’t usually make it across South Florida to get here on time and I know you’re listening Gil. Just giving you a hard time. I know he’s on his way. Gil is on his way. He’ll be here soon and before we get started with Johnny 305. I want to give a special high five shout out to my good buddy Richie who can’t stop texting me today. Richie. glad you’re listening. Hope you’re liking the show. Johnny 305, you’re up next bud.

John Mahoney: Hi James. How are you today?

Jim Fried: I’m doing find. How about you?

John Mahoney: I’m really, really good. I’m great to be on the show again.

Jim Fried: Hey, it’s my pleasure John and we really appreciate all the support you give this through the retreats, the tweets, the consulting work, and really just helping us learn to speak the language of twitter and all the other social medias stuff that you help us do all the time. Now Johnny, tell me a little bit about your newest trick Buffer. What’s Buffer all about? I mean I asked that because I want to hear for the people because I use Buffer all the time and I think it’s just smokes it.

John Mahoney: It is. It is actually great for people especially professionals that are running their own social media account and don’t really necessarily have the time to quote, unquote be social as they like to be. You know, you go to work, you do your nine to five, you have your events. You have meetings and you’re just not on Facebook. You’re not on Twitter and you know what, we all there’s a real world out there and you have to do your job. You also want to support your community and market your brand and create activity.

Buffer app is a very simple apps that links right into your browser. You could use on Mozilla Firefox, you can use it on Google Chrome, and it’s just a little button on top of the browser and what happens is anything that you’re reading or looking at on the internet, just you could be reading the New York Times and New York Post or the Miami Harold, ,or whatever it might be. Whatever you’re looking at on the internet. With the little Buffer app and this little icon, you just press it and a little window appears and it gives you the opportunity to share that article or whatever it is that you’re looking at to Linked In, to Twitter or to Facebook and most importantly you can set that…

Jim Fried: Hey Johnny! Let that trucker pass. You might as well just want to pass. There you go. You got go announce John. Just let the guy go by. It’s Miami. You just got to let the truck go by.

John Mahoney: That’s my alarm for the radio show.

Jim Fried: Even better. Even better.

John Mahoney: Sorry everybody.

Jim Fried: That’s awesome Johnny. You’re all about the sounds. You’re the best.

John Mahoney: So anyway, what happens is that, so it really keeps it simple. With you could just go to the friedonbusiness, which you do. Go to and whatever article you’re looking at, the blog post, the past radio show, segments, and interview. You just hit the Buffer app. A window pops up and it gives you the opportunity to share it on the most popular social network and the best part you could either share it right now immediately or Buffer will schedule that post automatically for you when your network is either the busiest time. It has like an algorithm that knows, “Hey, at 7 pm at night Jim’s Fried account.” So the Fried on Business account has the most activity. The most people are actually online being social and will automatically send out that article or that post for you, so it keeps the account holder very active and it allows you to really stick to your business. Let’s be honest, I deal with a lot of businesses. I do a lot of consulting and the one problem we have everybody wants to be social, but they don’t have time. They have a business to run. And Buffer helps simplify that.

Jim Fried: I tell you what else Buffer does it helps me about because what the radio show does is it creates a lot of content and I know a lot people like to see the content, so it has a thing where you could re-buffer it and I can actually schedule a whole week of all my social engagement of my historic stuff and then I can do my live stuff whenever I want on a current basis. It really helps me out and it’s really I think the CCIM’s is the Ph.D. in real estate, well I think the Buffer app helps me have my Ph.D. in social media.

John Mahoney: I think so too. It really, you know I started using Buffer app and just everyone that’s listening they could find it at and you just get the little Chrome extension and add it to your browser, so that way they could go find it, but for me as an example, every morning I specifically on my phone when I’m having my coffee, I go through the days news and just on my phone if I wanted to share that, it gets shared immediately. So with the Buffer app and you could have it on your phone as well. It enables you to really share it throughout the day, so I can share something in the morning, I can share something in the afternoon, in the evening, and as I said Buffer runs off an algorithm.

So it’ll really share it at the perfect time. Comparable to if you were to schedule a post on your own. You’re already off schedule at 9 o’clock. I’ll schedule one a 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock. Who knows who’s on. Other people have jobs too and everybody has a business to run and learned a very entrepreneurial real city here and being in Miami. Having Buffer being able to really look at your network and saying, “Hey, 3 p.m. is the busiest time” and that is the best time to share the Fried on Business content. It simplifies it. Keeps it easy and at the end of the day you look good.

Jim Fried: Now, how do somebody do that Johnny? Because that’s a new trick for me. How do you use the Buffer for algorithm?

John Mahoney: They have that themselves. That’s open to the program and that was really one of the main features because if we look at a tweet stack or we look at a hootsuite, they all allow you to schedule posts.

Jim Fried: Yes.

John Mahoney: You have to take that time and Buffer claim to fame was that their computers will pick the best time for you.

Jim Fried: Oh man. I need to get more… You got to give me a little more coaching up at that, Johnny. I really want to use that. Hey Dee how much time do I have in the segment? Oh, I got a little… Oh Johnny! We got a couple more minutes. So Johnny, you take the news, you take the content, you pop it out to everybody, do you have to send it to all the different social media platforms or could you be selective on Buffer?

John Mahoney: Absolutely be selective. Absolutely. One thing that everyone really should remember regarding social media is on every platform LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, at least apps what we’re talking about today, they are different audiences. Let’s say you and I we’re friends and followers across the board, so we’re connected to Facebook or we’re connected on LinkedIn, we’re connected on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean that I want to see the same thing on all three platforms. So let’s say on Linked In I definitely want it to be business. On Twitter I definitely want to just see your content, but like you tag Track, you tag the Miami Dolphins, you tag Warren Henry, so they’re involved in the conversation, but in the end of the day, on Facebook I want it to be more personal. I want to see you at Dolphins stadium or see you at a football game. With your content don’t always send it to the same platforms at the same time. Spread it out and really kind of figure out who’s on there. With my Facebook page my mom and my aunt and my family’s on there. I don’t want to quote, unquote market to them, but Twitter and Linked In that’s what it’s there for.

Jim Fried: Yeah, I do that. I schedule all the stuff at different times, different numbers, different dates, and different content on each one and the Buffer app really allows me to do that. Excuse me. We’ve only got another couple of minutes Johnny. I’m wondering you know we’re still waiting for Gil to get here, can you hang on and do another segment with me?

John Mahoney: Absolutely. Anything you need buddy.

Jim Fried: Alright. Well, great. Dee how about it? We bad on time? Alright, Johnny stick with us. Will be right back with more social media from the man Social Media 305, John Mahoney back after this.

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Jim Fried: Oh yeah, I feel nice like sugar and spice for I’m with my good buddy John Mahoney aka Social Media 305. Johnny welcome back.

John Mahoney: Thank you sir. Great to be here.

Jim Fried: Hey okay. Now listen I’ve been having my phone popping here and it’s because all the notices that I put up on social media that been happening and popping and registering on my phone and that’s what makes Buffer really good. It helps me preprogram my social media content so it goes out when I need it to.

John Mahoney: Agreed. And it keeps it simple. It allows you to do business. Be really community oriented while you’re also focus on where you’re, for the lack of a better word where your bread and butter is.

Jim Fried: Now Johnny we talked about the Buffer app. What are some of the platforms you use to Buffer app to help you process?

John Mahoney: With the Buffer app specifically I use it for Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter. I’m in the business, so I’m a very active person to begin with. It is my business to be out there talking, communicating, creating this type of content, so in that aspect I can really personally bounce back and fourth in real time through these platforms and if you look like with the Buffer app or any other app Facebook doesn’t really allow it to move through the stream because it’s a third party app.

So what happens is like with Twitter it goes direct out there. Everybody sees it. Linked In goes direct out there. Everybody sees it, but one thing you want to do you always want to remember in regards to Facebook, you really want to go direct to Facebook to put your content out there and with the technology that we all have in our hands, the iPhones, the Galaxy’s, and all the smart phones, you can really run and manage your Facebook page from your phone. Which means even if you’re Buffering your content from your blog or from your website, if you do go to a great restaurant or you’re at a cool conference there ‘s no reason for you not to check in with your phone via your Facebook business page. Not really kind of using Jim Fried’s, but Fried on Business is access next to Coconut Grove or Fried on Business is at the CCIM Conference and that’s when you put a picture out there.

You check in and what happens is because you’re using the Facebook platform directly, Facebook will show you or show that content to more people and you if you look at your Facebook page, you’ll see the views. So if you look at a Buffer post, you’re only going to get one, two, ten likes, and maybe you’ll get a 100 views. But if you go direct from your phone to Facebook, now all of a sudden your views are 350, 400 people, your likes are 20 or 30 and that’s because Facebook wants you using their platform. They like Google, are a media company. They have to stay in business so they can’t have the likes of a Buffer or a Hootsuite or a Tweet Deck pumping out content because that means there’s no point in actually going to Facebook. Follow what I’m saying?

Jim Fried: I totally follow it. I’m actually taking notes Johnny. I hope other people are too. Do Facebook direct, but the business outlets, Twitter and Linked In, that’s what Buffer is really best for and I’ve got to help you, I’ve got have you help me put my Facebook page and stuff like that. You got to help me out there. It’s going to be really cool. I can’t wait to do that. Now I want to say a special shout out because we just got a Tweet from a, I mean email… We just got a text from one of my good friends Tommy from the Marlins. I’m going to tell Tommy I can’t wait to see him on opening day. It was great to see him when I was over there the other day with John Albert. Getting my tickets. I saw Billy the Marlin out when I was at the Polo Club matches out in… Where was that? Wellington a couple of weeks ago. It’s really exciting. I really can’t wait to get all fired up. We got the Marlins out on this week with my favorite song, “Miami Marlins,” and I am getting ready to dive in. So Tommy high five out to you. Johnny, so when I’m going to the Marlins game on Monday, I’m going to be doing Facebook direct, you’re telling me.

John Mahoney: Yeah, absolutely. Facebook has a separate app for pages, so you could just go to your apps. Search apps and just go to Facebook pages app. Download that and it will give you access to your page. So when you went to Wellington, to the polo match, one of those photos you want to put them Fried on Business Facebook page.

Jim Fried: Sure.

John Mahoney: And also check in. That way when you’re physically posting that photo, it is checking you into the Wellington Polo Field and that right there is very really important. Facebook loves it when you do that. You’ll get a ton of views and the Wellington Polo club gets notified. Fried on Business just check in. So not only do they see the Jim Fried here, but they see Fried on Business this year and that’s how these connections are made.

Jim Fried: Johnny man, you’re like giving out pearls of wisdom, dude gold. I mean, keep on rolling bud.

John Mahoney: What I do dude. It’s what I do.

Jim Fried: Gees, you’re the man. You’re the man.

John Mahoney: I accidentally got involved in this social media thing and what happened was I just started meeting some of the top people in Miami and that right there is was worth its weight in gold. It’s not just about, “Hey, let’s pump our content. Let’s brag about our own company.” It’s about being a part of the community and that’s how businesses come about. Look how long you and I known each other.

Jim Fried: Yeah, I know. It’s been great for me. It’s absolutely been great.

John Mahoney: It’s been great for me too. I’ve had a lot of fun, but that is specifically because I was out there using Facebook and one of your friends said, “Hey, you should meet this guy Jim.” Now look at us. It really does work, but you really need to be a part of the community and it can’t be, “Hey, let me brag about my business.” If you want to brag about your business, go get an information and a 1-800 number, but if you want to be part of the community, let everybody know where you are. If you’re having lunch in Brickel, hey, we’re having lunch in Brickel. Where at Ocean Air today. Checking on Facebook. Talk to the restaurants through Twitter and we could do is, you get to listen. We’re discussing this over lunch at Ocean Air and here’s the blog post. Then you put that out on Linked In.

Jim Fried: Wow! John that’s just pearls of wisdom. Dee how much time do I go here with Johnny? Dee is forgetting. He’s talking to Larry. You remember Larry? Larry’s the guy who, the real fisted that brings it down hard here at 880 AM. Dee, how much more time do I got left on this segment? Dee? How much time do we have left on this segment? Oh! We’ve got plenty of time, Johnny. A whole three minutes. So listen John, who are some of the clients which you are working with now on your social media campaigns?

John Mahoney: I work with… I work with really in the hospitality and events industry.

Jim Fried: Okay.

John Mahoney: So I work with a few catering companies. I work with a few events locations and it’s really been really towards the events side, especially this year. Once we went into September, October. I absolutely just took off. Well, mainly what I enjoy to do and where I think it’s best for companies is the consulting and education because a lot of companies have outsourced their social media to us, but when I deal with an event company, they might have 10 employees that are doing six events in one night. It’s not about, “Hey, here’s a picture, here’s a picture, here’s a picture.” We want this brand to be on location. “Hey, we’re at this hotel. We’re at Vestal. We’re at this building.” Whether it’s a building opening or VIP event at the design district. I want those employees to really be the voice of their own company. It’s the name of the game. It’s a voice. So that’s what we like to do. The consulting, the education and that’s where the company and the brand get the longevity of social media. It’s very important.

Jim Fried: Now Johnny, if people want to find you and this is the part that’s going to be absolutely hilarious because it totally backs into everything that you’re doing. How do they reach you?

John Mahoney: You can very simply just search Social Media 305 on any platform. Put it into the internet. Put in on Facebook, go to Twitter. Do whatever you want we’ll pop up there. But if they need something a little bit more old school. My telephone number is 305-710-2273.

Jim Fried: Hey, Johnny you’re pretty good, but we still got a lot Jets fans out there, so go a little slow for them and give me that phone number and the handles again.

John Mahoney: 305-710-2273.

Jim Fried: Alright.

John Mahoney: Call or text me anytime.

Jim Fried: Johnny you’re the best. I want to thank John Mahoney, Social Media 305 for calling in and helping us with our social media outlook and tips today. Johnny, thanks so much. High five. Hash tag High Five to you Johnny.

John Mahoney: Hash tag High Five, man. Always a great time. Thank you Jim.

Jim Fried: Alright, Johnny. Will be back after this short break. Gil didn’t make it. I’m going to give you the South Florida Condo market update because I’m know. Because I do it everyday. Will also talk a little bit about Lauren’s Kids and why Lauren walks. Will be right back after this. Dee it is all yours now.

Alright everybody. You know it’s good business to give your customers what they want. Social Media 305 sure does and does the Warren Henry, the family of auto dealerships. You know Land Rover, Infinity, and Jaguar. They know it. That’s why they always give their customers more. When I lease my Infinity’s and that’s more than one. That’s a whole bunch of Infinitis from them. I knew I was getting the best price each time because they guarantee it. The best priced guarantee is part of a package of benefits called the Warren Henry Advantage. You get complimentary dent repair, key replacement, first service, and even get a personal assistant that you can call for anything anytime for a whole year. So if you buy or lease any new Land Rover, Range Rover, Infinity, and Jaguar from Warren Henry or if you buy one of their pre-owned cars. Well, in your case you’ll get the Warren Henry advantage. Add in the exceptional service. They deliver and you will see why they been in business for over 35 years. Always the best price. Always the best service. Always Warren Henry.

[Commercial break]

Jim Fried: Alright, and I want to remind everybody about Lauren’s Kids. Go to Lauren is walking her way from Key West to Tallahassee. She’s about half way there now. The woman is just out there killing it for our kids. She’s working hard. You got to go out. You got to support Lauren’s Kids. Go to I’ll tell you more about what I saw this weekend when I was with my wife at the Lauren’s Kids event up at the Seminal Hard Rock Cafe, but for now support our kids. It’s okay to tell. 85% of … 95% a child abuse can be stopped by education. Educate your kids today. Go to to learn more.

[Commercial break]

Announcer: South Florida’s only Business radio station.

Female Announcer: Part of the Wall Street Business Network.

Announcer: 880AM. The Biz. You’re listening to Fried on Business. To talk to Jim and his guest call 305-541-2350. That’s 305-541-2350. Now back to your host Jim Fried.

Jim Fried: I know I told everybody when marketed the show that we’re doing the Buffer app in the fourth segment, but we had a little blip in our scheduling, so Johnny came on. It’s 6: 15. If you want to hear what Johnny and I talked about regarding using the Buffer app to build your brand, to build your business just wait and we’re have it up on the www, how may w’s was that? Three w’s our website. So go to our website will have Johnny up there probably no later than Saturday mornings, so look for Johnny talking about the Buffer app with me and how to market your business with Buffer.

I want to remind everybody to join me at IMN third annual single family rental investment forum for single family rentals. It’s April 26 at the Lowe’s Miami Beach Hotel. The conference is sold out. You missed your chance, but if you want to go send me an email. Jim@Friedonbusiness and I’ll do what I can to see if I can get you in there at a discounted rate. So call me or rather email me Jim@Friedonbusiness if you want to go to the IMN single family rental investment forum.

Now I want to talk a little bit about why we support Lauren Book and why I walk with Lauren Book and coach Spo. You can look up on the Fried on Business Facebook page. My Twitter feed, you can see the photos of my self and my wife and coach Spo as we walked around the arena supporting Lauren’s Kids with the rest of the Heat organization. It was one of the most powerful experiences I had in a long time. Lauren, last year we had probably 40 or 50 people. This time there was over a 150, 200 people with us. It was amazing. High five to Uncle Ron Book. Coach, we liked to call him. Ron Book who helps us help keep kids safe. You can support Lauren’s Kids at number of ways. Go to Lauren’ to learn that it’s okay to tell. Learn how you can help educate your kid to keep your child safe because 95% of child sexual abuse can be stopped simply with education you learn what grooming is and all the other things that people that are out to abuse your kid too. To help steal their innocence. You can also buy a license to support Lauren’s Kids and of course they got Lauren’s Kingdom. Lauren’s recently published book that’s available on all the big things Amazon and all the other book selling sites and you go there. You can help support Lauren’s Kids and you can learn what to do to help keep your child safe.

For the next couple of minutes I’m going to talk about the South Florida condo market and the South Florida condo market continues to evolve. The super luxury segment has good traction. The other market segments also have good traction, but we’re starting to see the impact of the strong dollar and changes of the ability for people like the Brazilians to get their money our of the country, so you’re seeing fewer Brazilians, but you’re seeing more locals and more people moving here from the northeast. While the strong dollars having an impact for instance, people that bought their condos early and put down a lot of cash, well, they made a lot of money even if it’s only on the increase in value they get with the dollar vs. their local currency and you’re seeing more locals and the northeastern buy.

As the deposit terms change, you’re seeing the more local people buy and also you’re seeing most of these projects going up in the urban locations and as the prices on these condos rise and the cost of building new properties increase, you’re going to start to see the comeback of the condo conversion. We’ve started investing in some condo conversions in other markets and will looking at Miami and as soon as the numbers makes sense, I got to believe that us and our firm and other firms out there will begin to invest in condo conversions too.

So the condo conversion market is strong, is beginning to pick up steam. The standard condo business is strong and the other segment of the multifamily housing apartments. Well, my goodness that just is raging. It is almost impossible to find a good site to build your apartment project today. One of the big trends across the country and also here locally is to build your projects in the urban core and it’s not cheap to do that. It usually means you’re building a high density project to high rise and if that’s the case then it’s going to cost more than it would to build out in the suburbs, so as people want to move in we’re land is scarce and construction costs are high. It is inevitable that rents and prices will rise and I hear everybody say, “Well, Jim there’s all kinds of land out there.” Not! You know get in your boat and try up and down the coast you’ll see that every inch of South Florida’s inter coastal South of Ventura is built up know and if you want to buy, build condos and buy land to do it and in the next cycle, you’re just going to have to buy something that’s existing and tear it down.

What does than mean? That means prices will be even higher, so the fundamentals are pointing in the direction of a continuing increase in value in the long term for both for sale property that’s condominiums and also on rental properties and I can tell you now if you’re thinking of being able to live in a new project, you better get you’re eyes peeled because they’re going to go fast. The best projects and the best locations are going to lease up and to beat quality projects, well hell, heck. Can I say hell on this station? I guess I just did twice. Didn’t I? Well, I know Dee. I wash my mouth out with soap.

Anyway, you better get moving because you got to get your space. If you don’t have your space where you wanted, it’s going not be the same this time. You won’t be box of empty condos. No, no, no. Remember that didn’t really last as long as people thought it would. Hey, I want to give another high five out to Tommy from the Marlins for emailing us. Tommy I’m looking forward to working with on the Marlins be to be program this summer.
I want to thank our other sponsors too. Kind Snacks, my goodness. I can’t tell until it’s done, but we’re working on some really exciting things with Kind Snacks. If we can put those things together, my goodness, will help a bunch of young people.

South Florida Business and Wealth. Look for my column in South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine. I recap a lot of key guest every month in South Florida Business and Health and it also has some of the best business news here in town.

My goodness. Thank you to Frank and Steve and the rest of the CCIM’s for bringing our great guest Steve Moreira today. He’s the incoming president of the CCIM’s. I met a few weeks ago. The man is terrific. I love that guy. I want to thank our big sponsor UHealth. Hey, UHeatlh I want to thank you so much for improving wellness in our community and helping us get the message out to all the people in South Florida. Warren Henry Automotive. Hey Peter Quionones. High five to you. Make sure you don’t go to fast when you’re coming with me to the Marlins game and Hey, Larry’s in from Warren Henry. That’s who’s joining me at opening day. I want to than the NFL alumni Burger Singerman. Lauren’s Kids and the Miami Dolphins and UHealth. Of course I want to thank the listeners. Go to our Facebook page. Like our Facebook page. Tell you friends I’m @JimFried, @JimFriedonbusiness on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, YouTube. If you missed today’s show, it’s going to up on our web page That’s where you could hear Johnny and I talking about Buffer. This is Jim Fried for Fried on Business and it’s on next Thursday at 6 pm and it’s on because I just love doing this. Remember this is not a rehearsal. This is your life. A person wants to do something finds a way, the other finds an excuse. Now go out there and make it happen. Thank you Dee. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Who loves you baby? Thank you, thank you, thank you. Encore, encore. Encores next week. Dee it’s yours.



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