Miami’s Position In The World Marketplace

Episode 735 | 09.27.23 Miami Is A Global City Now What? Alejandro Portes and Ariel Armony join Jim again to discuss Miami’s place in the world economy And what to expect as Miami challenges other world class cities for its place on the world economic stage. ************************************* About Our Guests: Alejandro Portes Alejandro Portes is […]

Why Get an MSRE from UF?

Why Get an MSRE from UF? Episode 734 | 09.20.23 Jim interviews three students that recently started the University of Florida Nathan S. Collier masters in RealEstate program. We’ll see why they chose the program What they expect to study What careers they expect to pursue and Why … It’ll be a great chance to […]

Helping Women Find Success

Helping Women Find Success Episode 733 | 09.13.23 It’s not easy for women to find their voice or to find their place in the business community. Today’s guests discuss how they have broken through. Lauren Marsicano is an attorney, who overcame depression and thoughts of suicide from bullying because of her “size”. She’s created an […]

The Importance of Mentoring our Young People

The Importance of Mentoring our Young People Episode 731 | 08.30.23 The Importance of Mentoring our Young People In 2018 Jim won the Education Fund’s Public  School Alumni Achievement Award for excellence in Miami-Dade public schools. Since then, he has been teaching once a year in select classrooms and raising funds for the students and […]

Heloc and Reverse Mortgage Update With Ed Cairo 

Episode 727 | 08.02.23 Pulling Money Out Of Your Home A number of my friends and clients are working with me and my team at American Home Finance to pull money out of their homes and the homes of their parents. HELOC People with terrific interest rates on their first mortgage are looking to get […]

Miami Transplant Institute Changing Lives

Fried On Business: Miami Transplant Institute Changing Lives Episode 724 | 07.12.23 How You can Help? Dr. Giselle Guerra and the MTI Saved Vivian Fried Hear How You Can Help Someone Get A Second Chance… ************************************* About Our Guests: Dr. Giselle Guerra, has been the medical director of the Miami Transplant Institute (MTI) for over […]

The Best Of Fried On Business: Miami’s Future

The Best Of Fried On Business: Miami’s Future Episode 723 | 07.05.23 From our Most Precious Resource – Our Kids – To Our Location at the Center of the Global Business Expansion Miami is Set To Be a City of the Future ************************************* About Our Guests: Alejandro Portes is a Howard Harrison and Gabrielle Snyder […]

What Makes A “Global City” and Is Miami There Yet…?

Episode 722 | 06.28.23 What is a global city? Is Miami Stable Enough to Be an Emerging Global City? Alejandro Portes, author of “Emerging Global Cities”, joins us to discuss how Miami has become an emerging global city, a nerve center of the world economy, and how we’ve successfully combined physical and intangible assets to […]

Positive Energy with the Silver Knights

Episode 721 | 06.21.23 It is our annual show with the Silver Night award winners. We are joined by Raymond Dueñas Of the Miami Herald – he helps run the program and one of the award winning students Jordan Perez 🏆🏆🏆 It promises to be a great positive energy event that will #inspire you ******************** Call me for help […]

Pulling Money Out Of Your Home In Today’s Environment

Episode 720 | 06.14.23 Helping Folks Is What We Do My #residentialmortgage team is helping people pull equity out of their homes. A number of my high net worth clients are cash poor right now but have a lot of equity in their home. They have deposits out or are waiting for a closing that has been […]