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A Straight Shot of Jim

Jim rants about the Dolphins new coach, smokers in public need to STOP and Internet Sales Tax Colloections

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]   Jim editorializes that Amazon should stop trying to bribe the Florida legislature with jobs and just pay up and level the playing field. He also loves the new Dolphin’s Coach- Joe Philbin’s philosophy. Smokers just need to realize that they are impacting my health and that is not right.

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Congress is the Problem with our Economy!

Jim rails at congress for not doing their[Audio clip: view full post to listen] job- the peoples work – get the economy running and COMPROMISE!

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Jim Gives his Thoughts on Casinos in Miami

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]   Jim rants about the NBA lockout, “Destination Resorts” aka Casinos in Miami and the need for banks to lend more to small business.

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Education Is Where Recovery Starts!

It drives me crazy that people keep talking about a recovery. How to make it happen? EDUCATION! Good , easily accessible education. Put skilled unemployed people to work as teachers! Fully fund the schools – How do they expect the United States to remain great if we do not teach ALL of our children! Lets get cracking America…Oh and end the arguing Congress – …

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