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Andreas Senie: Close More Deals with RealConnex

Episode 485: 09-27-18

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Jim Fried of Fried On Business talks to Andreas Senie, Director of Business Development for RealConnex in New York City. Senie oversees partnerships and strategic growth for the firm. He is a commercial real estate tech expert, developer, broker and investor. Senie has extensive experience in real estate technology, strategic partnerships, business development, and start-ups. He seeks to understand the needs of all, creating synergistic work environments bringing true value to increase revenue and growth.

Jim and Andreas discuss examples of deals closed on the RealConnex platform where the sponsor was able to reach new partners and investor capital while maximizing each side’s risk-adjusted return.

Click here to read Andreas’ article titled Commercial Real Estate Industry’s Age of Collaboration (first published on Linkedin).

Interview Segment

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