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Your Business Radio Talk Show Host - Jim Fried

Welcome to Fried on Business. The show that makes business fun and entertaining. We created this radio talk show to give the business community a place to interact. The show features interesting segments on business trends like social media and the growing health care segment.

We give tips on how to:

  • Make your business more profitable,
  • Gain insight into new market trends,
  • Protect and grow your business and personal wealth,
  • Navigate today's uncharted waters,
  • Keep your key asset – your physical and mental health – in tip top order.

We work to make sure the show has some entertaining commentary on the business news of the day and useful ideas you can put right to work. Join Jim and his guests and the show's community as they navigate the world of the modern business person together.

  • Bruce Turkel

    Bruce Turkel

    Bruce Turkel is CEO/EDC of TURKEL Brands. Bruce is one of the leading experts on branding in the USA. TURKEL Brands is a full-service, multicultural brand management firm located in ... Read More »
  • Sam Chandan

    Sam Chandan

  • Ivan Misner

    Ivan Misner

  • Pascal J. Goldschmidt

    Pascal J. Goldschmidt

  • Neisen Kasdin

    Neisen Kasdin