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Vivian Fried perseveres in midst of soul-crushing summer

This has been a crushing summer for me and my wife, Vivian Fried.

First, it’s been brutally hot down here in Miami and, as you know, Vivian cannot drink water like you and me because she’s suffering from end-stage kidney disease.

She is completely dependent on dialysis, so to help quench her thirst she uses crushed ice, which I specially prepare.

There have also been a series of major disappointments as we’ve watched several kidney donors back out at the last minute.

The summer started on an up-note, to put it mildly. We had been notified that three kidney matches had been found. We were told to get ready for final testing.

When Vivian called to let them know she was on the way, they broke the bad news: All three had changed their minds.

We waited a few weeks. We got another call that she may have to go to New York for a match – plus two others available.

Once again, all three backed out.

The transplant facility kept her on the short-list, however, because there were four additional matches in the works.

As with the others, all four withdrew.

Now, let me state this clearly: I am grateful for all of these wonderful people and their willingness to even consider being evaluated as a kidney donor. The process is invasive and uncomfortable. I thank them for setting even one foot on that path.

Why did they all back out? There could be a variety of reasons, and I respect their decisions.

But now Vivian and I are back to square one. I’m still looking for a donor – someone who can help save the love of my life.

Vivian demonstrates strength and grace every day, but she’s declining. She’s struggling to find the energy to even go see her mother, who had a stroke a year ago.

Here is a picture of what we face: Vivian goes to dialysis six days a week. She takes Sunday off, but by Sunday night her body is so full of toxins that I massage her feet to push the toxins out of them so she can get up and moving the next morning.

Then she carries her bag of food and special drinks to dialysis. That thing must weigh 30 pounds, but she hefts it onto her shoulder and starts out the door.

Vivian is as strong as an ox – physically, spiritually, emotionally. But she still needs our help.

I’m on a mission to save the life of the one I love most – the most amazing human being that I’ve ever met.

Do a Google search for “Facebook Vivian Fried Miami” and you’ll see for yourself.

Then, if you want to help, email me at

Thank you!!!!!!



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