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Vivian and Betty: On the Road to Recovery

My wife Vivian’s kidney transplant story has gone global. We’ve gotten calls and messages from all over the world from people who have been following our relentless search for a kidney donor.

And now they’re following Vivian’s story of recovery. Thanks to G-d and Betty Demartini, the incredibly gracious donor, Vivian’s successful transplant surgery is about a month behind us.

Many of you have asked about how she’s doing. In short, she is doing great. She is resting, and the kidney is performing well. We are going to follow-up appointments, and we’ve been able to reduce her anti-rejection medication. We’re finally starting to make plans for the future.

Betty is on the mend, as well, and we look forward to seeing her again as soon as possible.

To learn more about living kidney donation, email or call me at 305-773-6300. You can also visit the website of the Miami Transplant Institute.

You can help us – and Betty – financially by visiting

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