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Villasante and Turkel: A mission, a brand and a mastermind

Alina Villasante is on a mission to change the world – one garment at a time.

Alina is the Designer, Creator and Visionary at Peace Love World in Miami, and she has transformed her life philosophy into what has become a global-lifestyle brand.

“Love is not something you look for. Love is something you become,” she says, and it all started some 18 years ago when she kicked off an annual tradition of gathering her favorite ladies for a night of camaraderie called The Love Party.

Every year to follow was commemorated with a uniquely designed T-shirt incorporating her beloved symbols “Peace, Love, and Happiness.”

The rest, as they say, is history – and a company was born in 2009.

Alina is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. It’s tough to stay positive all the time, but recently on Fried On Business she shared her secret for recharging her emotional and spiritual batteries.

“When I have a bad moment, I close my eyes and count the five greatest things that are happening in my life right now. All of a sudden, I have a shift in what I’m feeling,” she said.

“I realize that what I’m going through is temporary, and it’s not that important. Nothing lasts forever. It’s really just about changing the intention.”

As if running such a popular company didn’t keep her busy enough, Alina finds time to champion her favorite causes like Zanmi Beni, a shelter in Haiti housing disabled and abandoned children, plus breast cancer, autism and multiple sclerosis.

When you choose to take up a cause, she said, it really should be something near and dear to your heart.

“I love these people that I met through MS, and I will stick with them no matter what they need,” she said.

Alina’s No. 1 fan is my wife, Vivian. She calls Alina her hero, but Alina is quick to reverse the role.

“Vivian has really taught me the weight of what a real problem is. Because however hard my life is or what happens, I’m not fighting for my life right now. I have a healthy body and a healthy family, and this woman fights for her life. While she’s calling me her hero, and everybody’s wondering why I’m a hero, I’m not,” she said.

“I’m sure many people can relate to her, but I couldn’t. And now I can, and she’s made me into a different person. She makes me appreciate health more than anything else.”

For Vivian, a Peace Love World garment is more than just clothing. It’s a life preserver.

“When I put on Peace Love World, which I do every single morning when I wake up and go to dialysis, it makes me feel so good – even if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or with something negative in my mind,” she said.

I’ve seen up close the way that Alina can change somebody’s life with her creative flair and her ability to project goodness. I want to take this moment to thank her. There are a lot of Vivian’s out in the world who are alone and who aren’t feeling very good. They come home and put on their favorite Peace Love World item, and Alina’s spirit touches them everyone who sees it.

Branding expert Bruce Turkel said Alina’s approach to positioning her company is the perfect synthesis of everything he teaches.

“Don’t we talk all the time about how people don’t buy what you do – but buy who you are,” he said.

“If Alina is saying that people all want the same thing everywhere she goes – they want to be loved, they want to find joy – and you have products that do that, and you prove by what the company does that you don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk, people know that. They dig that, and that’s where the true brand value comes from. You make it all about them.”

Click here to listen to the full interview with Alina Villasante of Peace Love World.

Bruce, the Mastermind

Speaking of Bruce, he joined us on-air to talk about the “mastermind” concept, which he says is proof that the sum is greater than the individual parts.

When you assemble a group of people who are committed to working with one another, you solve problems, come up with new ideas and, most importantly, create accountability, he said.

“So things you need to get done, you’d like to get done, you mean to get done – but you’re not going to get done – you do when you know people are waiting for you,” he said.

The idea of a mastermind group dates back to the 1920s and Napoleon Hill’s book titled “Think and Grow Rich.”

“What he talked about, and it’s still true today, is that if you listen to yourself long enough, you start to believe your own nonsense,” he said.

“Sometimes, you need to hear from people outside your realm of experience.”

Bruce uses this idea in many areas of his life, not just in business. And he’s putting together a group for you. Just text the word “them” to 72000. You’ll get – for free – the first chapter of Bruce’s new book “It’s All About Them” and information about the meeting set for Sept. 6 and 7.

Or you can call 561-988-8300.

By way of example, Bruce participates in a group called the Strategic Forum consisting of 45 CEOs who meet monthly to exchange three things:

– Experiences
– Skill sets
– Contacts

“We share those three things because, when you do, all of a sudden the power of what you can do is multiplied by the power of all the people in the room,” he said.

I’m amazed that more professionals don’t do this, but Bruce says the process requires vulnerability and the careful selection of participants. So it’s not quite as easy as it sounds.

But it could work for you so, once again, text the word “them” to 72000 or call 561-988-8300 to get more information about Bruce’s new mastermind group.

And click here to listen to the full interview with Bruce Turkel of TURKEL Brands.



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