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Tips for business success resonate in 2018

Mentoring is one of my favorite things to do in business. I love helping my colleagues climb one more rung on the ladder to success.

So on a recent episode of Fried On Business, I outlined a few of my key tips for business success.

In no particular order, here we go:

1. Give good phone. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. Giving good phone is, first and foremost, being happy. No one wants to talk to a grouch.

Now, I love it when I get the “gatekeeper” on the other end of the line. Every organization has a “gatekeeper,” and winning that person over is vital. My favorite gatekeeper line: “My name is Jim Fried. That’s Fried as in Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

When I use that line, no one forgets my name. It’s positive. It’s happy. It’s memorable.

2. Next, you must be direct and to the point. That is, after the appropriate small talk, such as, “Hey, how are the kids?”

3. I like to schedule my calls. I tend to work in a rhythm, and I suspect others do as well. When a call comes out of the blue, I might ignore it for the moment. Much better to make an appointment with me and others.

4. Pay attention to the person’s hierarchy of communication. For me, that’s a text message, then phone, then email. Now, if you text me and it’s not urgent, it might be a while before I reply. Other people may work the same way. Be aware of that.

5. Networking. Don’t be shy. Just bring a bunch of business cards and jump in. Everyone else is doing the same, so why not take the opportunity? Spent about five minutes with somebody and listen intently. Be a “buyer,” not a “seller.” Then move on. Politely, of course.

6. Project your brand consistently. That may be your appearance or your personality. It doesn’t matter. Develop a memorable brand, and put it out there the same way every time.

7. Social media. It’s everywhere, so you have to use it. And it doesn’t take a technology degree to figure it out. My experience with finding my wife’s kidney donor taught me how to use key phrases in key geographic areas to get results. If you do need help, there are plenty of reputable online marketers ready to assist.

8. Remember, it’s all about them. Bruce Turkel and Ivan Misner hammer this point all the time. The object of talking is to elicit information from the other person and get to know their needs. And then you provide solutions, or refer them to someone who can.

Click here to listen to my full discussion on tips for business success. You’ll find it in Part 2 of the segment.



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