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#ShowVivLove Event, RealConnex, Teaching Personal Finance

Episode 422: 06-01-17

#ShowVivLove Event is June 15 at Sacred Space Miami

Jim discusses the #ShowVivLove event at The Sacred Space in Miami on June 15, 2017, from 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. The event will raise funds to help Jim find a kidney for Vivian and to help improve the quality of Vivian’s life while she waits.

Jim’s wife Vivian has been on dialysis for 4 years and has not urinated in two years. Things are getting desperate.

The event will feature inspiring and informative speakers.

For tickets, go to

To become a sponsor, send emails to

To find out if you can be a kidney donor, email

For an update on Vivian and her search for a kidney transplant, watch her interview on WPLGTV10 in Miami:

Thank you!

RealConnex and Real Estate Networking

Roy Abrams is CEO and Founder of RealConnex and GPI Real Estate Group, New York, N.Y.

Abrams is a real estate developer and tech entrepreneur with a blue-chip track record. Prior to starting RealConnex – a web site that connects real estate professionals with capital, investments, services and each other – Abrams founded the GPI Real Estate Group, a real estate development and investment advisory organization with operations in the UK, USA and Europe.

RealConnex marries Abrams’ track record, leadership skills and Internet experience with his extensive real estate experience. Abrams was formerly the CEO of LBI, an Internet services organization that sold to Publicis for $580M in 2012. He was also a managing director at Lotus development/IBM and CEO of TurboCAD, one of the world’s leading software products. He also held various positions on private and public boards.

We all know Jim is the king of networking. He and Roy will discuss networking and commercial real estate – and why RealConnex is the “next big thing” in on-line real estate platforms.

Teaching Personal Finance

Dante Vitoria is Founder & CEO of The Vitoria Group – New York, N.Y. For more than 30 years, Vitoria has been running his own firm, The Vitoria Group, which has broad experience in working with companies of various sizes to fulfill its clients’ financial needs.

The client base is extremely diverse, ranging from international money centers, domestic banks, insurance companies and financial firms.

The Vitoria Group provides a vast array of financial services specifically tailored to enable clients to meet their goals – the assistance, direction and access to professional banking and other facilities.

Vitoria’s 30+ years of experience as an investment banker on Wall Street provides insight, expertise and comprehensive advice with a down-to-earth-approach on key aspects of local and international economics, personal finances and financial planning.

Jim and Dante discuss the right time to teach the next generation about personal finance.

Episode 422: 06-01-17

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