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Seth Denison and Peter Zalewski: Miami Condo Market Forecast

Episode 470: 06-14-18

Part 1

Part 2

Jim Fried of Fried On Business talks to Seth Denison and Peter Zalewski about the Miami condo market forecast.

Denison is Managing Principal for Brickell Ventures in Miami, FL. Brickell Ventures is a private equity fund that focuses on the acquisition of residential condos in Downtown Miami. Denison formed Brickell Ventures in anticipation of a price correction in the Miami residential condo market. Denison oversees capital raising, investor relations, acquisitions, leasing, management, and dispositions for the fund.

Zalewski is Director of Acquisitions/Principal for Brickell Ventures. Previously, he formed Condo Vultures® LLC in 2006 and has spent more than a decade studying South Florida residential condo development. Zalewski is considered by many as the most well-versed expert in residential condo development, construction, leasing and sales for projects east of I-95 in South Florida. He recently launched an online database called to track all new coastal condo projects in South Florida. The database tracks more than 500 new condo projects, east of I-95 in South Florida, and has emerged as the primary source for most local industry professionals to track the pre-construction condo market.

Jim, Peter and Seth discuss the current and future state of the Miami condo market.

Interview Segment

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