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Process and persistence are key to opening up new real estate deals

I’ve been in this real estate game for a very long time. I’ve seen a thing or two, and I’ve learned a thing or two over the years.

And one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is how to start from scratch. That is, how of break into a new market and start generating real estate deals where I had none before.

I’m about to lay some wisdom on you, so get your pencil and paper ready. Here goes.

First, drive the market. Look around. Then drive it again. And again. Learn the lay of the land. Take photos. Research the Internet. Learn everything you can about the area.

Then, learn the payers. Identify the people who make the market. Give ’em a call and introduce yourself. They may be Realtors, brokers, lawyers, accountants, land owners and more.

Listen, you don’t just find deals. You network for them. You start asking questions and bouncing ideas off the market makers.

And then you think. And think. And think. Remember, everything starts with an idea.

What you really want is to find a deal that’s going sideways – a situation where you can pitch in and help. That shows you have an interest in other people, and it helps to establish your expertise.

Social media is invaluable. Use it. It helps you stay in front of everyone at practically no cost.

Above all, make sure you have credibility and focus. Be detail-oriented and keep records because you’ll never remember everything you saw or did.

Keep working the process, and sooner or later you’ll find yourself with more new business than you imagined.

Click here to listen to my full discussion on how to open up a new market for real estate deals.



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