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Private commercial lending taking center stage in mortgage showcase

We spent a good deal of time on this most recent episode of Fried On Business talking about money.

You know, money – the stuff without which it’s difficult to do much of anything.

Money is my stock in trade now that I’ve become affiliated with the good folks at Spectrum Mortgage. We focus on private lending and institutional financing for all kinds of projects and situations.

And, lately, we’ve been noticing a palpable change in the mortgage markets. Much less capital is emanating from the traditional channels – that is, the banks. More is coming from alternative sources like private lenders.

We at Spectrum Mortgage represent a number of high net-worth families in town. They use us to help them find good investment opportunities and put their money to work in solid loans. We also work with a select group of banks.

So, we can be creative, even on the commercial side. Office, retail, multi-family residential. New construction, redevelopment, acquisition, bridge. We can get it done, and for terms that might surprise you.

You see, we’re private lenders – not hard money lenders. We’re operating in the range of 7.75% to 12% on most transactions, with deal sizes from $100,000 to $15 million – and sometimes more.

And we do get calls from folks who want to participate with us in these loans. We’re happy to talk.

We work with just about anyone in a special situation. Often, we can close in a few days, and sometimes we can give a commitment the same day.

Give me a call today at 305-773-6300, and click here to listen to my full discussion on today’s private commercial lending environment. NMLS #342779.



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