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Post-transplant challenges remain, but outlook brightens

Real estate finance is my thing. Been at it a long time, and I love closing capital markets deals for my clients.

But the most important deal I’ve closed in my life was not for a client at all. It was for my wife, Vivian, when I helped her get a life-saving kidney transplant.

That was almost three months ago. You might be tempted to think that’s the end of it. That all is well now, and there’s no more cause for concern.

Well, things are definitely better. The kidney function is fantastic, and Vivian is slowly returning to health. The water weight is disappearing, her skin is clearing, her eyes are brighter.

But there are still challenges. Vivian’s body was weakened by four years of almost-daily dialysis. She is still cognitively impaired, and she can only get out of bed for a couple of hours at a time.

That’s just enough time to get to physical therapy, but afterward she is completely drained.

Still, Vivian is a champion. She has not given up on the fight, and my role is to support her in every way possible. I organize her medications and keep careful track of her urine output.

We are eternally grateful to G-d, our kidney donor Betty Demartini, and Chaya Lipschitz ( for matching us up with Betty.

I cannot wait until Vivian is back to herself – and we can once again feel the beach sand between our toes and look up to the stars.



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