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Post-Irma show highlights storm recovery and the joy of kidney donation

Although it didn’t make landfall here, Hurricane Irma sure did a number on Miami. There was widespread damage, but it wasn’t enough to keep Fried On Business from going on-air later that week.

Here are some highlights from the post-hurricane show:

The gift of kidney donation

First up, my friend David Koster from Brooklyn, NY, told us about June 25, 2003. That’s the happiest day of his life, he said, because it’s the day he gave a kidney to a complete stranger.

He had read an advertisement in a Jewish publication from someone seeking a kidney for his father. He followed up and turned out to be a match for the individual.

Koster said he looks at kidney donation from the donor’s perspective: “I had no idea how much my life would be changed as a result of what I’ve done,” he said.

For instance, he learned that, on average, kidney donors have a longer lifespan than non-donors. Koster said he believes the Lord will reward his decision to provide life to someone else with longevity in his own.

Psychologically, he said, you can’t be the same after donating a kidney: “When you donate a kidney to somebody, you become their family,” he said.

Speaking of family, he said his supported him 100% in the decision to donate.

If there’s any downside for the kidney donor, he said, it’s the frustration of knowing that it can’t be done again.

Koster said it’s tough to explain the personal growth that he’s undergone since donating his kidney. It’s something, he said, you have to experience.

“I could spend the next couple of hours talking about how wonderful it is to be a kidney donor and the beautiful people that I’ve met,” he said.

Click here to listen to the full interview. If you have any questions for David, contact him at

Hurricane Irma recovery and insurance processing

Dave McCaffrey of Biscayne Roofing is my go-to guy for all things related to roofing and contracting. He came on-air to give us some advice in the wake of Irma.

Immediately after a storm, he said, the first priority should be to protect your property. You don’t have to wait for the insurance adjuster. You can implement emergency temporary repairs right away.

Keep a record of everything you do, McCaffrey said, and know your rights. According to Florida law, he said, if there’s more than 25% damage to the roof, insurance must replace it.

McCaffrey said Biscayne Roofing was equipped before the storm started with the machines and material needed for both emergency repairs and full reconstruction.

This family-owned company is committed to excellence. Contact them at 888-440-7663 or

Click here to listen to the full interview with Dave McCaffrey of Biscayne Roofing.

Reflections on Hurricane Irma

This storm was a traumatic experience for both Vivian and me. Because she requires kidney dialysis every day, we evacuated to a hardened location near Jackson Memorial Hospital that is close to her dialysis center.

Even so, she was unable to get dialysis for three days. Fluid built up on her lungs, and things got pretty scary.

Add to that the stress of having our apartment decimated by Irma. The whole thing will have to be gutted and renovated, which is under way already. We have a hotel, for which we’re grateful, but it’s tough to maintain Vivian’s routine in the midst of all this. It’s very hard to get the necessities we need.

We’re pushing reset. We’ll get through this. And there are so many people who are helping us along the way, it’s impossible to list them all. But here are just a few:

– My Mom, for flying out of here and removing herself from harm’s way.
– Dave Lombardi, who loaned us a power cell that has lasted forever.
– Bo Ashbel of Aztec Group.
– Wes, the general manager for our apartment building.
– Angie Peralta of The Bainbridge Companies.
– Ron Mann, who provided Facebook updates during the storm.
– DaVita Dialysis Center, where the manager stayed during the entire storm so she could open the doors to patients immediately after it passed.

When you get a chance, take some time to reflect on the storm and make a list of things you’ll do differently next time. No doubt you can think of at least a few.

By the way, if you’re in need of financing in the process of your recovery, I can help. Give me a call at 305-773-6300, and I’ll get to work utilizing my resources at Spectrum Mortgage.

Click here to listen to all of my thoughts on Hurricane Irma and the recovery.



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