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Hot Cars for 2019; How to Beat the Holiday Blues

Episode 496: 12-13-18

Hot Cars for 2019

Larry Zinn is General Manager of Warren Henry Automotive Group, Miami, FL. Larry’s team sells Land Rover, Range Rover, Infiniti and Jaguar in South Florida. He also sells Lamborghini in Fort Lauderdale and Audi in Gainesville, FL. And all kinds of great nameplates Key West. Larry is Jim’s go-to guy for cars.

Jim and Larry discuss hot cars for 2019 and what to expect as the auto industry evolves.

A Straight Shot of Jim: How to Beat the Holiday Blues

Jim and co-host Wanda Myles talk about how to beat the holiday blues. They also take a light-hearted look at current events and review some interesting year-end trivia.

Episode 496: 12-13-18

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