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Fried on Business: Cannabis Update and Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Episode 527: 07-18-19

  • ATYPICAL Commercial Real Estate Marketing
  • Fried on Weed

Jim and Wanda give an update on the Cannabis Community.


Jim’s guests scoff at status quo. Sarah Malcolm & Mark Kalkwarf join the show to share what it’s like being ATYPICAL in the commercial real estate marketing world.
Co-President and Chief Lego Builder. Sarah has been acknowledged as one of the CRE industry-leading digital marketing pioneers. She has won over 45 awards and was recognized as Real Estate Forum’s Women of Influence.
Bored with the lack of imagination and frustrated with missed opportunities is where our story begins. The ATYPICAL agency was founded in 2018 with one goal. Transform the way that commercial real estate does marketing.
Fast forward and here we are. An award-winning agency, servicing some of the biggest names in commercial real estate. We run with the ideas that are unconventional, the ones that scare us the most. We push the envelope, take the risks and give our clients the opportunity to tell their story in a new and different way.


Co-President and Mariah Carey’s number one fan! Once referred to as a marketing wizard, Mark combines his technical background, creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit to push creative boundaries and come up with the big ideas.
We’re not unique, we are ATYPICAL.

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Episode 527: 07-18-19

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