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FlexWheels brings fun back to the driving experience

We talk a lot about cars at Fried On Business, and my friend, Vincent Iafano, says there are basically three options for vehicle transportation. You can:

– Buy the car.
– Rent the car.
– Lease the car.

Each has advantages, no doubt, but also some significant disadvantages. Why can’t we have an option, Iafano said, that is at our fingertips.

You know, just like airline flights, hotel reservations and movie tickets.

The answer, he said, is FlexWheels. With a monthly subscription, you can dial up the vehicle of your choice and use it until you have need of another.

He should know. He’s the Director of Business Development for the Davie-based company.

FlexWheels is in the business of catering to “lifestyle moments,” Iafano said. When your vehicle needs change as life happens, FlexWheels is there to meet the need.

Launched two weeks ago, FlexWheels is focused on Dade and Broward counties, with availability in Palm Beach County also.

Inquiries are coming from people in all walks of life, Iafano said. In some cases, he added, real estate agents are using a short-term subcription as an incentive to close deals.

FlexWheels vehicles come in two tiers:

– The Adventure tier, offering vehicles priced from $45,000 to $60,000.

– The Premier tier, offering high-end vehicles like the Porsche Macan S, Maserati Ghibli and Jaguar F-Type.

There are a few spaces left for founding members, Iafano said, which means you save a couple hundred dollars a month and only pay half of the usual initiation fee.

For the Adventure tier, that’s a $350 startup fee and $1,500 per month.

For the Premier tier, it’s $350 startup and $1,700 per month.

Insurance is included, with a small deductible.

I’ve just gotten a subscription myself. I was able to get into an Audi A7. Love it, but I plan to “flip” the car sometime this week and talk about the process on the show.

Some might object to the cost, saying that their current lease is cheaper than FlexWheels. But those people aren’t considering the cost of insurance, their down payment, maintenance, etc., Iafano said.

Add that in, and the overall cost is comparable to FlexWheels, he said.

“You factor those things in, and you’re right there with us. You get to drive multiple cars, and the cars get dropped off to you, whereever you’re at,” he said.

Getting started is as simple as downloading the FlexWheels app from your app store – or you can visit

Also, look for #driveflexwheels on all social media platforms.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Vincent Iafano is Director of Business Development for FlexWheels.



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