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Dante Vitoria: Best time to grow your business

Episode 425: 06-22-17

Jim Fried of Fried On Business talks to Dante Vitoria, Founder & CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York, NY. For more than 30 years, Vitoria has been running The Vitoria Group, which has broad experience in working with companies of various sizes to fulfill its clients’ financial needs. The client base is extremely diverse, ranging from international money centers, domestic banks, insurance companies and financial firms. The Vitoria Group provides a vast array of financial services specifically tailored to enable clients to meet their goals – the assistance, direction and access to professional banking and other facilities. Vitoria’s 30-plus years of experience as an investment banker on Wall Street provides insight, expertise and comprehensive advice with a down-to-earth-approach on key aspects of local and international economics, personal finances and financial planning. Jim and Dante discuss when is the best time to grow your business or expand it. Hint: It might not be when you think. Also, they discuss the secrets behind the Wall Street venture capital curtain.

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