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Daily Business Review: Not a Bubble or Crash in South Florida Condos

Writer Carla Vianna of quoted Fried On Business host Jim Fried in a recent story examining the slowdown in South Florida condo sales:

“But as sales began to lag, the South Florida real estate community is careful to stay away from phrases like ‘housing bubble’ and ‘market crash,'” she wrote.

“Instead, Jim Fried, managing director at Aztec Group Inc., said the more appropriate way to describe the sales slowdown is ‘a soft landing.’ He followed that with, ‘It’s all going to be OK.’

“‘It always comes back to fundamentals,’ the real estate investment banker said. ‘Right now, the fundamentals are still strong, even though the Latin American buyer has pulled back. The circumstances are such that’s it’s going to come back for the American buyers.'”

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