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Fried on Business Episode 2

This week’s show featured:

  • Hugo Perez – Managing Director of DATACORP – a firm that is focused on delivering Advanced Infrastructure Consulting, Engineering, and Managed Support Services to the business market in Florida.
  • Steven Moseley – President of Transio - South Florida’s premier custom web development firm.
  • JI Waks – a South Florida based entrepreneur whose company - MAXCash for Gold – is the premier buyer of gold on line.

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Fried on Business Episode 62

Jim discusses topics including: • Is the Recovery Over • Should I Short Sell My Home • Amendment 4 – NOT! • Who IS the Most Important Person In the Recovery • SSSSSSSSTRESS!!!! In the Workplace and the Home • Getting a Bank Loan in Today’s Market Place • Hard Money Lending • Social Media • And Much More!

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Fried on Business Episode 61

Join Jim as he discusses current business topics including: • Real estate lending trends • Strategic defaults • Small Business Financing And much more

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