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Oil Prices and the Recovery

Consumer confidence is a fragile thing and yet that is what our economic recovery is based on. With consumer confidence at a post recession high – illustrated by the Dow’s flirtation with 13,000- we need to consider what impact the uncertainty in the world oil market will have on the economic recovery. The instability in the world that is giving …

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Dow Jones Hits 13,000 – SO?

Dow closed above 13,000 today. So what? Is the recovery over? Yes – in some places for now. Housing seems to be recovering and the market is just reflecting an improvement in consumer confidence. Consumers are more confident but it may be just everyone jawboning each other that things are better or is it really better? Time will tell. Europe …

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A New Source For Real Estate Equity – Real Estate Merchant Banks

Bridging the Gap… Trends In Equity Financing   Real estate development has always been a capital-intensive business. Developers have always attempted to use the capital they have accumulated to fund their overhead and initial project costs. They traditionally seek third party capital from “opportunity funds”, pension fund advisors, life insurance companies and individual investors to execute their development programs. Today, …

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Setting Property Values in Today’s Marketplace – Is there an Alternative to Appraisals?

According to Florida Statute 475.25(t) applied to FS475.611 a real Florida real estate broker or sales associate who in the ordinary course of business, performs a comparative market analysis, gives a brokers price opinion or gives an opinion of value of real estate is exempt for the requirement of being a licensed real estate appraiser so long as the analysis …

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Institutional Equity: How To Take Your Firm to the Next Level

In the last cycle I assisted a Fort Lauderdale real estate investment firm, as it broke into the institutional market and took its acquisition capacity to a new level. This was accomplished because the firm’s principals had raised enough funds on their own to acquire an initial portfolio –and subsequently attracted an equity investment from a large Midwest conglomerate. This …

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Urban Development – The Brickell Village Area Of Miami

Today in Florida growth is being redirected into our urban cores and the type of development in our urban cores is diversifying. Areas that were once “daytime only” are going “24/7”.  The Brickell Village area of Miami is a perfect example. Luxury apartments, affordable housing, condominiums at all price points, entertainment venues and hotels are being added to what was …

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