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A Straight Shot of Jim

Stuck In The Primordial Soup

We’re still in the “period of primordial soup” that occurs as an economy exits a recession, says Fried On Business host Jim Fried. Be careful with any changes to your employment or investments. Interview Segment Episode 236: 10-24-13 (To download, right-click this link and select “Save Link As”.) Feature photo courtesy of boredWithStuff on

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The Fed Listens To Jim

The Federal Reserve takes some advice from Jim and decides to keep interest rates low for the foreseeable future. Interview Segment Episode 221: 07-11-2013 (To download, right-click this link and select “Save Link As”.) Featured photo courtesy of Rdsmith4 on Wikimedia Commons.

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The Scoop on Commercial Real Estate

Jim gives the straight scoop on the real estate market trends identified at the conferences he has been attending. Themes include: New equity sources for real estate. Multifamily land prices will cause market to slow down. Hospitality is a viable and finance-able use. Few if any projects will be built in South Florida’s urban core that are not mixed-use. There …

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Access to Higher Education, Gas Prices and What to Do As You Emerge Fromm Your Personal Recession

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]   Jim gives his opinion on the Florida Legislature funding a new University in Lakeland but cutting funding at existing schools. Also, what do falling gas prices indicate and what should you do with all that money you are earning in your new posr-recession job?

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