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A Straight Shot of Jim

Access to Higher Education, Gas Prices and What to Do As You Emerge Fromm Your Personal Recession

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]   Jim gives his opinion on the Florida Legislature funding a new University in Lakeland but cutting funding at existing schools. Also, what do falling gas prices indicate and what should you do with all that money you are earning in your new posr-recession job?

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Jim rants about the Dolphins new coach, smokers in public need to STOP and Internet Sales Tax Colloections

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]   Jim editorializes that Amazon should stop trying to bribe the Florida legislature with jobs and just pay up and level the playing field. He also loves the new Dolphin’s Coach- Joe Philbin’s philosophy. Smokers just need to realize that they are impacting my health and that is not right.

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Congress is the Problem with our Economy!

Jim rails at congress for not doing their[Audio clip: view full post to listen] job- the peoples work – get the economy running and COMPROMISE!

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