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Fried on Business: Blockchain, Tech & Media in Real Estate

Episode 510: 03-21-19

  • Blockchain and Token Purchases with Kris Ferranti

  • CRE Tech with Clint Lovell & Andreas Senie

  • Leveraging Media in Real Estate with BISNOW

Jim and New York attorney Kris Ferranti discuss Blockchain, bitcoin, and token purchases.

Andreas and Clint introduce the new Fried on Tech segment that will be the first week of the month in the future  to discuss evolving technology through and to help you not only identify new real estate deals using Site Rank but limit your exposure on development deals through Stop Loss.

Mike Ponticelli, VP of Sales & Co-Founder of Bisnow, joins the show to discuss media trends in the real estate industry.

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Episode 510: 03-21-19

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